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Press Releases and Media Advisories

ICANN and Verisign Announce Proposed Amendment to .COM Registry Agreement
3 January 2020

First ICANN Managed Root Server Instance Installed in Shanghai
3 September 2019

ICANN and NASSCOM Collaborate on Internet Innovation Research
18 June 2019

Global Internet Stakeholders to Convene in Marrakech for ICANN's 65th Public Meeting
17 June 2019

Spain's Secretary of State for Digital Advancement Reinforces the Importance of Domain Names During ICANN63 Opening Ceremony
22 October 2018

Internet Stakeholders from Around the World Will Meet in Barcelona for ICANN's 63rd Public Meeting
9 October 2018

News Release: Board Approval of KSK Roll
18 September 2018

Sri Lankan Community Preparing for a Multilingual Internet Using Local Scripts
12 Dec 2017

ICANN Discusses Future of the Internet in Sri Lanka
12 December 2017

ICANN Appoints New Board Chair and Vice-Chair
3 November 2017

Global Internet Stakeholders Convene in Abu Dhabi for ICANN60
30 October 2017

Global Internet Stakeholders to Meet at ICANN's 60th Public Meeting in Abu Dhabi
16 October 2017

ICANN Releases a Study on the Digital Economy in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey in the Run-Up to ICANN60
9 October 2017

ICANN Delays Changing Keys Protecting the Domain Name System
28 September 2017

ICANN CTO Tours Asia To Engage the Technical Community and Regional Stakeholders
6 September 2017

Changing the Keys for the Internet's Addressing System – Don't get locked out
16 August 2017

Global Internet Stakeholders to Convene in Johannesburg for ICANN's 59th Public Meeting, and 10th Meeting in Africa
16 June 2017

Pacific Governments to Enhance Better Participation in Internet Governance Discussions
4 May 2017

ICANN Hires Domain Name Policy Expert to Head Engagement in China
30 March 2017

Denmark's Minister of Culture Remarks on the Success of ICANN's Multistakeholder Model
13 March 2017

Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority Contributes to Responsive and Resilient Internet with L-Root Instance in Marshall Islands
6 March 2017

Danish Minister of Culture and Board Chair of DIFO and DK-Hostmaster to Speak at ICANN58 in Copenhagen
2 March 2017

The Third Turkey DNS Forum Kicks Off Tomorrow in Istanbul
14 February 2017

Indian Minister of Electronics and Information Technology Reaffirms Support of Multistakeholder Model at ICANN's 57th Public Meeting
5 November 2016

Global Internet Stakeholders to Convene in Hyderabad for ICANN's 57th Public Meeting
19 October 2016

Inaugural Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy Grooms Young Leaders
8 August 2016

ICANN Hires DNS Expert to Lead Research
25 May 2016

Kenya to Host ICANN's African Regional Engagement Office
24 May 2016

>ICANN and SGNIC Conduct Workshop to Help Singapore Internet Community Combat DNS Abuse and Cybercrime
29 April 2016

Plan to Transition Stewardship of Key Internet Functions Sent to the U.S. Government
10 March 2016

Moroccan Minister of Industry & Digital Economy Stresses Importance of IANA Stewardship Transition During ICANN55
7 March 2016

Save the Date: Press Conference with ICANN President - CEO and Board Chair During ICANN55 in Marrakech
4 March 2016

Moroccan Minister of Industry, Trade & Digital Economy to Speak at ICANN's 55th Public Meeting in Marrakech
23 February 2016

Experienced Technology Leader Named as ICANN President and CEO
8 February 2016

ICANN Urges Asia Pacific to Help Shape the Future of Internet
29 January 2016

ICANN Holds Second Turkey Domain Name System Forum in Istanbul
12 January 2016

ICANN and ETDA Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Promote Collaboration on Translation
22 October 2015

Irish Communications Minister Expresses Support for Multistakeholder Model, IANA Stewardship Transition
19 October 2015

India's Web Werks Contributes to More Responsive and Resilient Internet with L-Root Instance in Mumbai, India
13 October 2015

India's BASIS Technologies Contributes to Responsive and Resilient Internet with First L-Root Instance in India
13 October 2015

Vocus Communications Contributes to Responsive and Resilient Internet with L-Root Instance in Australia
7 October 2015

ICANN Reinforces Globalization Commitment in Asia Pacific
7 October 2015

ICANN Kicks Off With First DNS-Entrepreneurship Center Roadshow This Month
6 October 2015

Indonesia's CITRANET Contributes to More Responsive and Resilient Internet with L-Root Instance in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
21 September 2015

ICANN and CZ.NIC Collaborate to Increase Regional Internet Stability and Reliability
10 September 2015

ICANN to Conduct Workshop on Label Generation Panel for Thai Script
19 August 2015

ICANN Discusses Future of the Internet in Asia Pacific
19 August 2015

ICG Seeking Public Input on Key Internet Governance Proposal
31 July 2015

Indonesia's PANDI Contributes to Responsive and Resilient Internet with First L-Root Instance in Indonesia
1 July 2015

2015 Multistakeholder Ethos Award Goes to Two Members of the Global Internet Community
25 June 2015

ICANN and Senatics to Increase Coordination and Collaboration on the Domain Name Space In Paraguay and Regionally
23 June 2015

ICANN, JPNIC and JPRS Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Promote Collaboration on Translation
22 June 2015

Indian Government Declares Support for Multistakeholder Model of Internet Governance at ICANN53
22 June 2015

Save the Date: Press Meeting with ICANN President and Board Chair
16 June 2015

Chehadé Announces Intention to End His Tenure as ICANN President & CEO in March 2016
21 May 2015

ICANN Hosts Discussion in Dubai to Explore Important Regional Internet Issues
11 May 2015

ICANN Senior Executives Visited Korea to Engage Local Community on Internet Governance
13 March 2015

ICANN and APTLD Signs Memorandum of Understanding to Promote Regional Collaboration
12 February 2015

ICANN Signs MOU with EURid to Develop Local Expertise in the Domain Names System (DNS) Sector in Africa and the Middle East
10 February 2015

Global Tech Leaders Reaffirm Commitment to Multistakeholder Model of Internet Governance
9 February 2015

Global Internet Stakeholders to Convene in Singapore for ICANN's 52nd Public Meeting
3 February 2015

Join the ICANN Quarterly Stakeholder Report on 29 January 2015
23 January 2015

A New L-Root Instance Established with ICANN and China's ZDNS Cooperation
22 December 2014

ICANN Donates $50k to Internet Governance Forum Support Association | Donation is Part of a Larger ICANN Commitment of $330k to Ensure IGF Remains Key Venue for Internet Policy Dialogue
18 December 2014

ICANN Welcomes the EU Council's Conclusions on Internet Governance
2 December 2014

ICANN to Hold Its First Turkey Domain Name System Forum in Istanbul on November 18th, 2014
13 November 2014

U.S. Court Quashes Attempts to Attach ccTLDs: Federal Judge Agrees with ICANN
12 November 2014

ICANN CEO Congratulates Newly Elected ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao
23 October 2014

ICANN Announces Appointment of Head of India
14 October 2014

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker Delivers Remarks at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Meeting
13 October 2014

U.S. Commerce Secretary Pledges to Protect a Free and Open Internet
13 October 2014

New ICANN Chief Contract Compliance Officer Appointed
12 October 2014

Global Internet Community to Focus on Internet's Future at Los Angeles ICANN Meeting
6 October 2014

New L-Root Instance in Puerto Rico Will Help Mitigate Network Outages and Deliver Improved Internet Experience
25 August 2014

ICANN Tells U.S. Court That ccTLDs Are Not "Property" | Files Motion to Quash in U.S. Legal Action Aimed at Seizing Top-Level Domains
30 July 2014

ICANN and CATR Signs Memorandum of Understanding to Enhance Collaboration Between ICANN and Chinese Stakeholders | Closer Collaboration on Engagement Efforts in China
24 June 2014

ICANN Signs Agreements with Qatar and Egypt Promoting the DNS Industry and IG Multi-stakeholder Approach in the Middle East and Africa | Establishment of a Regional DNS Entrepreneurship Center (DNS-EC)
23 June 2014

Largest Ever ICANN Meeting Convenes in London | Affirmation of Multistakeholder Model for Internet Governance by World Leaders
23 June 2014

ICANN 50 Update: Press Conference Time Change | Opening Press Conference of ICANN's 50th Public Meeting in London Moved to 12:30 BST
23 June 2014

Remaining IPv4 Addresses to be Redistributed to Regional Internet Registries | Address Redistribution Signals that IPv4 is Nearing Total Exhaustion
20 May 2014

Global Panel Announces New Approach to Managing Future of the Internet | Final Report Addresses Growing Interests in Internet Governance
20 May 2014

ICANN Begins Transition To New Website
17 April 2014

Historic Singapore Meeting Marks the Beginning a New Phase for ICANN
28 March 2014

The Future of Internet Governance Dominates Opening of ICANN's Singapore Meeting
24 March 2014

Global Community to Discuss the Future of the Internet at ICANN's Singapore Meeting
20 March 2014

ICANN Expands Global Stakeholder Engagement Team
20 March 2014

Global Community to Discuss the Future of the Internet at ICANN's Singapore Meeting
19 March 2014

Internet Technical Leaders Welcome IANA Globalization Progress
14 March 2014

Administrator of Domain Name System Launches Global Multistakeholder Accountability Process
14 March 2014

Independent Report Maps Possible Way Forward in Mitigating Domain Name Collisions
26 February 2014

ICANN CEO to Meet with Chinese Internet Industry Leaders in Beijing
11 February 2014

Dubai Forum to Examine Business Opportunities in Domain Name Sector
3 February 2014

Largest Domain Name Expansion in Internet's History Reaches Benchmark
21 January 2014

IANA Functions Satisfaction Survey Yields Overwhelmingly Positive Results
15 January 2014

ICANN At-Large Begins Search for Board Member
16 December 2013

High-Level Panel on Global Internet Cooperation and Governance Mechanisms Convenes in London
13 December 2013

ICANN Issues Advice to IT Professionals on Name Collision Identification and Mitigation
6 December 2013

Experts to Discuss Benefits of Open Internet
20 November 2013

Internet Governance Takes Center Stage at ICANN's Buenos Aires Meeting
18 November 2013

High-Level Panel Organizes to Address Future of Internet Governance
17 November 2013

Experts Address the Global Expansion of the Internet
15 November 2013

ICANN Names New Chief Security, Stability and Resiliency Officer
29 October 2013

Internet Domain Name Expansion Now Underway
23 October 2013

Indian Center for DNS Security Announced
17 October 2013

ICANN Announces Membership and Frameworks for Strategy Panels
14 October 2013

Montevideo Statement on the Future of Internet Cooperation
7 October 2013

ICANN Announces Conclusion of New gTLD Initial Evaluations
30 August 2013

Internet Governance Expert to Advise ICANN on Global Strategy
28 August 2013

ICANN Names Communications Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean
16 August 2013

ICANN's Durban Meeting Kicks Off with Signing of New Registrar and Registry Agreements
15 July 2013

Internet Pioneer to Speak About Internet Growth in Africa
10 July 2013

Last Contractual Hurdle Cleared in the Introduction of New Domain Names
3 July 2013

New Registrar Accreditation Agreement Approved By ICANN Board
28 June 2013

ICANN's Expert Working Group Recommends WHOIS Replacement
25 June 2013

ICANN Announces Top-Level Executive Changes
6 June 2013

Technology Policy Expert to Lead ICANN's Asia Engagement Strategy
3 June 2013

ICANN Engagement Center to Open in Latin America
3 May 2013

ICANN to Open Istanbul Hub
25 April 2013

Seasoned International Executive Named to Lead ICANN Communications Team
10 April 2013

ICANN Engagement Center to Open in Beijing
8 April 2013

ICANN Commends .JOBS Use of Trademark Clearinghouse
5 April 2013

Backup Internet Registry Operators Named
2 April 2013

ICANN President Announces Major Expansion in Africa
11 March 2013

ICANN President Encourages Arab Involvement In Shaping the Internet's Future
6 March 2013

Internet Groups Discuss New Priorities In Latin America and Caribbean
7 February 2013

ICANN Board Forecasts New gTLD Protections for Intergovernmental and Non-governmental Organizations
28 November 2012

ICANN Board Launches New Effort to Tackle gTLD Registration Data Challenges Based on Policy Review Team Report
19 November 2012

ICANN CEO Announces Expanded Partnership Initiatives at Close of Internet Governance Forum
9 November 2012

ICANN Leaders to Brief Internet Governance Forum Attendees in Azerbaijan
1 November 2012

CEO to Prioritize Agreement with Registrars and Establishment of Trademark Clearing House
22 October 2012

Agreement Signed to Expand L-Root Servers Across Africa
19 October 2012

Initiative Unveiled to Increase ICANN's Presence and Participation Across Africa
16 October 2012

New ICANN CEO is Out of the Blocks with Ambitious Operational Plans
14 September 2012

ICANN Awarded Contract to Continue to Perform Internet Assigned Numbers Authority Functions
2 July 2012

Outgoing CEO Praises Expansion of ICANN's International Community
25 June 2012

Multi-National High Tech Leader Named as ICANN President and CEO
22 June 2012

ICANN Leaders to Discuss New Generic Top-Level Domains and Other Issues at Prague News Conference
20 June 2012

New CEO To Be Announced At Prague News Conference
18 June 2012

New Top-Level Domain Name Applications Revealed
13 June 2012

New gTLDs to be Unveiled During London News Conference
6 June 2012

ICANN to Reveal Who Applied for Which New Generic Top-Level Domain
2 April 2012

Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla Says The Internet is a Source of Hope, Not a Threat
12 March 2012

ICANN Leaders to Give Update on New Generic Top-Level Domain Name Program
8 March 2012

Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla to Address ICANN Public Meeting
8 March 2012

Number of Registrants Reaches 100 in New Generic Top-Level Domain Online Application System
14 February 2012

ICANN Board Reaffirms Commitment to Open Second Application Window for Generic Top-Level Domain Program
9 February 2012

Volunteers Sought to Help Evaluate Generic Top-Level Domain Applicants Seeking Financial Support
7 February 2012

Application Window for New Top-Level Domain Names Successfully Passes One-Week Mark
19 January 2012

ICANN Appoints New Vice President for Europe
11 January 2012

ICANN Appoints New Vice President for Latin America
11 January 2012

Distinguished Chinese Internet Expert Named ICANN Vice President for Asia
8 December 2011

ICANN CEO Calls for Companies and Organizations Worldwide to Prepare for the Introduction of New Internet Domains
7 December 2011

News Release - ICANN Board Focuses on Assistance for Developing Economies
28 October 2011

News Release - Internet Root Server Goes Online in Senegal
27 October 2011

ICANN Formalizes Relations with French Top-Level Domain Manager
26 October 2011

ICANN Dakar Meeting Opens with Calls for Greater Internet Access for Africans
24 October 2011

Cyber Security Experts Meet to Discuss Protections for the Domain Name System
18 October 2011

ICANN to Manage Time Zone Database
14 October 2011

ICANN Leader Stresses Benefits of New gTLD Program to Arabic Speakers and Middle East
10 October 2011

Beckstrom Points to Multi-stakeholder Model as "Catalyst for the Internet"
27 September 2011

ICANN Names Award-Winning Broadcast News Veteran as Senior Director of Communications
20 September 2011

ICANN Unveils Online Site, Applicant Guidebook for New Generic Top-Level Domains
19 September 2011

ICANN Leader Praises Brazil's Multi-Stakeholder Model of Internet Coordination
12 September 2011

ICANN Names Seasoned International Financial Executive as Interim Chief Financial Officer
9 September 2011

News Release - Beckstrom to Leave ICANN at End of His Term
16 August 2011

ICANN Security Chief Urges Widespread Adoption of DNSSEC
3 August 2011

Historic Singapore Meeting Concludes After Significant Advances to Internet's Naming System
24 June 2011

ICANN Names Technology Public Policy Expert as its First Vice President of Europe
23 June 2011

Internet Groups Inaugurate Cyber Security Facility in Singapore
22 June 2011

ICANN Approves Historic Change to Internet's Domain Name System
20 June 2011

ICANN Leaders to Discuss Future of New Generic Top-Level Domains at Singapore News Conference
16 June 2011

News Conference to Inaugurate Cyber Security Facility in Singapore
14 June 2011

G8 Governments Urged to Embrace Multi-stakeholder Approach to Internet Issues
23 May 2011

INTERPOL and ICANN Advance Cooperation on Internet Security after Historic First Meeting
23 May 2011

Jeff Moss Appointed ICANN Chief Security Officer
28 April 2011

ICANN Leaders Say Internet Community Will Support June Launch of New Generic Top Level Domains
21 March 2011

President Bill Clinton Voices Support for ICANN's Multi-Stakeholder Model of Internet Governance
17 March 2011

ICANN Bolsters Its Contractual Compliance Team with Two New Hires
15 March 2011

Internet Town Hall Meeting to Pursue Emerging Issues for the Online Community
14 March 2011

ICANN Leader Calls for Broad Support of the Multi-Stakeholder Model of Internet Governance
14 March 2011

ICANN Leaders to Answer Journalists' Questions at Launch of the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Public Meeting
8 March 2011

President Bill Clinton's Address to ICANN Silicon Valley/San Francisco Meeting Open to Registered Journalists
8 March 2011

ICANN and Qatar Celebrate Launch of Arabic Top-Level Domain
2 March 2011

Available Pool of Unallocated IPv4 Internet Addresses Now Completely Emptied
3 February 2011

Major Announcement Set on Dwindling Pool of Available IPv4 Internet Addresses
1 February 2011

ICANN Joins Broad Coalition in Opposing a Government Only U.N. Advisory Committee to Internet Governance Forum
10 December 2010

Advancing ICANN Accountability and Transparency
10 December 2010

ICANN Board Plans Consultation with Government Representatives on New Generic Top-Level Domains and .XXX Top-Level Domain
10 December 2010

Seasoned Internet Policy Expert Named as ICANN's Latin American Representative
9 December 2010

ICANN Meeting Opens in Cartagena Against Controversial Backdrop Of Generic Top Level Domain Expansion
6 December 2010

ICANN Leader Calls for Global Collaboration in Battle Against Cyber Security Threats
6 December 2010

Possible Historic Expansion of Internet Address Names Takes Center Stage at Cartagena ICANN Meeting
29 November 2010

ICANN Board Votes to Enhance New gTLD Competition
9 November 2010

ICANN Ombudsman Announces Departure
28 October 2010

ICANN Board Moves New Generic Top-Level Domains One Step Closer to Implementation
27 September 2010

Input Sought on New High Security Program Aimed at Select Top-Level Domains
27 September 2010

International Internet Policy Executive Selected To Lead Public Participation
17 September 2010

ICANN Leader Says Multi-Stakeholder Model of Internet Governance Under Threat
14 September 2010

Seasoned High Tech Leader Named Chief Operating Officer
13 September 2010

Applicants Sought from Internet User Community for Seat on Board of Directors
24 August 2010

Global Upgrade Makes Internet More Secure
28 July 2010

ICANN Approves Chinese Internationalized Domain Names
25 June 2010

.ORG Becomes First Generic Top-Level Domain to Deploy Enhanced Domain Security Protocol (DNSSEC)
23 June 2010

ICANN Leader Calls for Greater International Cooperation in Addressing Internet Security
21 June 2010

Internet Networking Executive Named as IANA Vice President
17 May 2010

Cryptography Legend Whit Diffie Joins the ICANN Team
14 May 2010

CEO Commends Russia for Bringing Cyrillic to Internet's Top-level Domain Names
13 May 2010

First Non-Latin Domain Names Go Online
6 May 2010

ICANN Gives Final Approval for Four Countries to Use Non-Latin Languages in Internet Address Names
22 April 2010

Jordan Moves One Step Closer to Using Arabic for Entire Internet Address Names
21 April 2010

New DNSSEC Signing Facilities Live at ICANN
17 March 2010

ICANN Approves Trademark Clearinghouse
12 March 2010

ICANN CEO Urges East African Leaders to Make the Affordable Internet Access Available to All Their Citizens
8 March 2010

News Conference with Rod Beckstrom, ICANN Chief Executive Officer and Peter Dengate Thrush, ICANN Chairman of the Board
5 March 2010

High Tech Public Affairs Veteran Named as Vice President, Government Affairs for the Americas
29 January 2010

High Tech Corporate Veteran Named as Vice President of Policy Development Support
29 January 2010

News Release - First Four Internationalized Domain Names Pass Key Approval Milestone
21 January 2010

Unallocated IPv4 Internet Addresses Soon to be Consumed
19 January 2010

High Tech Public Affairs Veteran Named as Vice President, Government Affairs for the Americas
6 January 2010

Historic Agreements Punctuate CEO's Trip to Europe to Push Internationalization of the Internet
11 December 2009

New ICANN Developments To Be Discussed at Internet Governance Forum
16 November 2009

News Conference at Internet Governance Forum
16 November 2009

Global Internet Leaders Welcome Internationalization of Internet Address Names
16 November 2009

Internet Naming System Goes Global
30 October 2009

News Conference With Rod Beckstrom, ICANN Chief Executive Officer and Peter Dengate Thrush, ICANN Chairman of the Board at theOpening of ICANN's 36th International Meeting in Seoul
26 October 2009

Internationalization of the Internet Takes Center Stage at ICANN Seoul Meeting
25 October 2009

News Conference With Rod Beckstrom, ICANN Chief Executive Officer and Peter Dengate Thrush, ICANN Chairman of the Board
25 October 2009

Commerce Department and ICANN Sign Historic Accord on Internet Governance
30 September 2009

Brussels Selected for ICANN International Meeting
3 September 2009

ICANN Announces Selections to Top Leadership Positions
31 August 2009

Internet Community Ends Speculative Short-term Domain Name Registrations
12 August 2009

Arabic Internet Domains to Reshape Online Landscape
4 August 2009

Domain Registrars to Improve Consumer Protection
26 June 2009

Rod Beckstrom Named ICANN CEO
26 June 2009

Rod Beckstrom Named ICANN CEO
26 June 2009

Former Vice President Al Gore and Internet "Father" Vint Cerf Praise the ICANN Model
3 June 2009

ICANN to Work with United States Government and VeriSign on Interim Solution to Core Internet Security Issue
3 June 2009

Conficker Worm Warrants Vigilance, Not Panic
30 May 2009

ICANN's 34th International Meeting Opens in Mexico City
2 May 2009

ICANN Action Assures Equitable Allocation of Remaining IPv4 Internet Addresses
9 March 2009

Trademark Issues to be Addressed Ahead of Internet Address Expansion
7 March 2009

ICANN's President and CEO to Step Down
2 March 2009

Domain Name System
Internationalized Domain Name ,IDN,"IDNs are domain names that include characters used in the local representation of languages that are not written with the twenty-six letters of the basic Latin alphabet ""a-z"". An IDN can contain Latin letters with diacritical marks, as required by many European languages, or may consist of characters from non-Latin scripts such as Arabic or Chinese. Many languages also use other types of digits than the European ""0-9"". The basic Latin alphabet together with the European-Arabic digits are, for the purpose of domain names, termed ""ASCII characters"" (ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange). These are also included in the broader range of ""Unicode characters"" that provides the basis for IDNs. The ""hostname rule"" requires that all domain names of the type under consideration here are stored in the DNS using only the ASCII characters listed above, with the one further addition of the hyphen ""-"". The Unicode form of an IDN therefore requires special encoding before it is entered into the DNS. The following terminology is used when distinguishing between these forms: A domain name consists of a series of ""labels"" (separated by ""dots""). The ASCII form of an IDN label is termed an ""A-label"". All operations defined in the DNS protocol use A-labels exclusively. The Unicode form, which a user expects to be displayed, is termed a ""U-label"". The difference may be illustrated with the Hindi word for ""test"" — परीका — appearing here as a U-label would (in the Devanagari script). A special form of ""ASCII compatible encoding"" (abbreviated ACE) is applied to this to produce the corresponding A-label: xn--11b5bs1di. A domain name that only includes ASCII letters, digits, and hyphens is termed an ""LDH label"". Although the definitions of A-labels and LDH-labels overlap, a name consisting exclusively of LDH labels, such as"""" is not an IDN."