I Need Help

Do you have a question, concern, or complaint? The information listed here will help direct you to the right answer or appropriate contact.

I Need Help

Are you having trouble with your domain name? Do you need to report unfair treatment by the ICANN organization (org)? Or maybe you have a request for information? Explore this page to help you get your answer or connect you to the right contact.

Where Can I Go for Specific Issues?

If you know the type of issue you’re experiencing, choose from one of the categories below to get the most relevant information. If you’re unsure, you can connect with an ICANN live operator.

What If I Have a Complaint?

Complaints filed with the appropriate team get resolved more quickly, so read below to determine which option best suits your needs.

Contractual Compliance Complaints
If your complaint relates to a company that manages domain names registrations - also known as registrars and registry operators - this is where you’ll want to start. Common complaints in this category include: registrars’ investigations of abusive domain names, domain name renewal or transfer requests, and issues related to the public display of domain name registration information. ICANN can’t help you with issues related to web content, spam, or Internet access.
File a domain name complaint

Office of the Ombuds
Internet community members who feel that they’ve been treated unfairly by ICANN org staff, the ICANN Board, or an ICANN community group can engage the Ombuds to investigate the matter and facilitate a resolution. Ombuds investigations are confidential and independent of ICANN.
Contact the Ombuds

Complaints Office
The Complaints Office handles complaints regarding ICANN org that don't fall into an existing complaints mechanism, such as Contractual Compliance, Request for Reconsideration, and the Ombuds. This may include complaints about how a request has been handled, a process that appears to be broken, insufficient handling of an issue, or something that may be an indication of a systemic issue.
Submit a complaint

Additional Stakeholder Resources

ICANN has a process available to request publication of documents not already publicly available.

Documentary Information Disclosure Policy (DIDP)
Any person or entity can request information contained in documents concerning ICANN's operational activities that have not already been published. These documents must be within ICANN's control. Certain types of sensitive information are excluded.
See more information on DIDP

If you believe you have been harmed by an ICANN org or Board action that was not taken properly, ICANN has two mechanisms to hold ICANN accountable.

Reconsideration Requests
Any person or entity materially and adversely affected by an ICANN Board or org action or inaction that was taken outside of established ICANN process, without consideration of material information, or as a result of reliance on inaccurate information, may request the Board to reconsider that action or inaction. Note that simply disliking an action or inaction is not grounds for reconsideration.
See more information on reconsideration requests

Independent Review Process (IRP)
Any person or entity materially and adversely affected by an ICANN Board or org action or inaction that is believed to be inconsistent with ICANN’s Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws may seek an independent review of that action or inaction.
See more information on IRP