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Members of the ICANN 2017 Nominating Committee

This page contains some background biographical information about each Nominating Committee member.

Members of the Committee

The members of the 2017 Nominating Committee are: Hans Petter Holen (Chair), Zahid Jamil (Chair Elect), Stéphane Van Gelder (Associate Chair), Alejandro Acosta, Damon Ashcraft, Thomas Barrett, Eduardo Diaz, Bill Drake, Hartmut Glaser, Sandra Hoferichter, Dave Kissoondoyal, Paul Mitchell, Osvaldo Novoa, Amir Qayyum, Jose Ovidio Salgueiro, Jörg Schweiger, Mark Seiden, Ken Stubbs, Jay Sudowski and Tim Wicinski.

2017 NomCom Leadership Team

Hans Petter Holen – Chair

Hans Petter Holan

Hans Petter Holen is Chief Information Security Officer in Visma IT & Communications AS. The Visma Group is present in twelve countries with a pivot in Northern Europe with headquarter located in Oslo, Norway. Visma provides solutions that keep our customers one step ahead of their competition. At Visma, we aim to provide solutions and services that are of such high quality that they turn our customers' business and administrative processes into competitive advantages.

He has been working for Visma since 2004, IT Director and Managing Director for Visma IT & Communications until August 2013. He is now working with corporate IT projects in the Visma group.

He is also board member at Visma Personnel, a recruitment company, and the Hosting division, which is providing web hosting and domain-names through Active 24 and Loopia brands in Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic and other European countries.

Hans Petter Holen from Norway is Chair of RIPE – the open policy forum for the regional Internet registry for Europe and Middle East, since2014. He has been actively involved in RIPE and the Internet industry for over 20 years. His extensive and long-standing first-hand knowledge of global IP address policy creation was developed in the RIPE Address Policy Working Group, of which he was Chair from 1998 to 2007.

Hans Petter has also been part of ICANN's ASO Address Council since its formation in 1999 until 2013 where he spent 10 years as Chair or Co Chair.

He is serving on a strategy panel for NORID, the Norwegian ccTLD .no, and has previously been on the policy advisory board NORPOL from 2003 to 2013 and on the dispute resolution function, NOK, from 2001 to 2003.

He is also a member of the Norwegian IPv6 forum and has been deputy chair of ISOC Chapter Norway from 1997 and part of the interim board tasked to rejuvenate the chapter in 2013.

Hans Petter graduated from The University of Oslo (1988) with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with a year from University of York as part of the degree. He continued with further studies at the University Oslo, while working at the University Computing Centre administering the Norwegian EuNet node, name server for .no. In 1991 he was one of the founders of Oslonett AS, one of Norway's first commercial ISPs, and since has been working for other ISPs and content providers.

Zahid Jamil – Chair Elect

Zahid Jamil

Zahid qualified as a Barrister from Gray's Inn and is currently practicing law in Pakistan specializing in Corporate and Commercial law, Technology, IPR, Litigation and ADR. Currently he serves on the Advisory Board of the .pk ccTLD (PKNIC), the Board of ICC's Pakistan National Committee and Chairperson the EBITT Commission, Chairs the Joint Legal Working Group of AFACT, and Cybersecurity Advisory Committee of the Federal Investigation Agency. He served on the Multistakeholder Advisory Group to the UN Secretary General and served on ICANN's GNSO as the Business Constituency's elected representative to the Council for two consecutive terms. As a member of ICANN's new gTLD Implementation Recommendations Team and the Special Trademark Issues Working Group he advocated for greater protection for brand owners and businesses in the new gTLD Rights Protection Mechanisms. He also actively represented business at the Internet governance principles discussion at the Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance (NETmundial) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

As the Chair of the Centre for Strategic and Policy Analysis initiative Developing Countries' Centre on Cyber Crime (DC4) and expert consultant to the Council of Europe he provides legislative assistance to developing countries with respect to Cybercrime legislation and has conducted capacity building workshops and provided analysis and commentary on cybercrime legislation for Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica, Malta, Maldives, Tanzania, Ghana, Dominica, Jamaica, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius. He drafted the Electronic Transactions Ordinance 2002, assisted the drafting of the Payment Systems and Electronic Funds Transfer Act, 2007. He recently drafted Pakistan's Cybercrime legislation the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill and is also consulting with the Commonwealth for a global Cybercrime Initiative. He has also presented several papers and presentations on Cybercrime, Security, e-Banking, e-Commerce and e-Logistics at domestic (ISACA, CISA, IBP, DG FIA, NR3C, PASHA, MoITT etc.) and international (ICC, EBITT, BASIS, IGF, WSIS, UN, AFACT etc.) fora. He has participated in several Cyber security related forums many of which are domestic as well as on several occasions at the Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention Octopus Forum and also at the UNODC, the UN Task Force dealing with Terrorist Use of the Internet. As a CEDR Accredited Mediator Teacher Trainer he is involved in mediating disputes and is the founding Chairman of the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center which deals with domain name disputes under the .pk ccTLD.

At the 2007 IGF in Rio, was a panelist at the CoE Workshop "Legislative responses to current and future cyber-threats" and also been a panelist in the main Session at the Rio IGF on 14 November 2007. Attended the 2007 IGF in Athens and made interventions from the floor and was a panelist in the APC workshop. He also attended the IGF Second round of consultations on the convening of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 19 May 2006, Geneva. As the Chair of DC4, he conducted a workshop on the Advantages of Cyber Crime Treaties for Developing Countries at the 2013 IGF in Bali and a capacity building workshop on Frameworks for Developing Countries Cybercrime Cooperation at the 2014 IGF in Istanbul.

Zahid is the Head of Chambers, Jamil & Jamil, Barristers-at-law, Pakistan; Legal Advisor to Board of the Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative; Chair, Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center of Pakistan for the .pk ccTLD since 2006 and Chair, Developing Countries Centre on Cyber Crime.

Stéphane Van Gelder – Associate Chair

Stéphane Van Gelder

Stéphane is Chairman and Managing Director of Milathan LTD. ( a provider of domain name and Internet intelligence. Services include evaluating domain name requirements and refining naming strategies, sourcing domain management partners, identifying new industry trends, analysis and participating in Internet governance processes, determining general online strategies and also providing senior management advice…

Previously, Stéphane was General Manager of Indom, a corporate domain registrar which he cofounded in 1999 and sold to Group NBT in 2010.

Stéphane has been active in Internet governance for years. He was a board member for the French registry AFNIC from 2004 to 2010. He was elected treasurer of ICANN's Registrar Stakeholder Group in 2008, and that group's European representative on the GNSO Council that same year. Stéphane was elected Vice Chair of the GNSO Council in 2009 and Chair the following year. He was re-elected as GNSO Council Chair at the 2011 Dakar ICANN meeting. Stéphane served on ICANN's 2013 Nominating Committee and was Chair Elect of the 2014 Nominating Committee. Stéphane was selected by the ICANN Board to serve as the committee's Chair for 2015 and 2016.

Stéphane earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Sussex University (UK). He was a print and TV journalist for ten years before starting Indom.

Committee Members

(listed in alphabetical order by family name)

Alejandro Acosta – RSSAC Representative

Alejandro Acosta

Alejandro Acosta studied Computer Sciences at Universidad Nueva Esparta, Venezuela, where he later went on to complete a master's degree in Information Technology Management.

He is currently serving as President of LAC-TF (the Latin American and Caribbean IPv6 Task Force) and is a Research and Development Engineer at LACNIC. He was previously Technology and Support Manager at British Telecom (BT) and member of LACNIC's Electoral Commission. Today, Alejandro coordinates the annual FLIP-6 meeting (Latin American IPv6 Forum) and moderates the Latin American IPv6 Task Force mailing list.

He also teaches TCP/IP –a subject that is part of the ninth semester Engineering curriculum– at Universidad Nueva Esparta.

During the past six years, Alejandro has participated in numerous events. He has obtained several certifications and is, among others, IPv6 Sage Certified (Hurricane Electric, 10th November), Novell Certified Linux Administrator (Novell CLA, February 2010), Novell Linux Spec (September 2013).

Damon Ashcraft – Intellectual Properties Constituency Representative

Damon Ashcraft

Damon Ashcraft is the representative to the Nom Com from the Intellectual Property Constituency ("IPC"). Damon joined the NomCom in 2015 and is an active member of the IPC. He has experience with and has sat on boards of various non-profit organizations and values his participation on the Nom Com.

Professionally, he is a partner with the law firm of Snell and Wilmer, LLP in Phoenix, Arizona, USA where he is a member of the firm's intellectual property practice group. His legal practice involves the representation of intellectual property owners in procurement, enforcement, and monetization of intellectual property.

Damon is a registered patent attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and he also practices trademark law and copyright law. Damon is also a leader within the International Trademark Association ("INTA") leading INTA's Internet Subcommittee on the "Future of Intellectual Property on the Internet and at ICANN."

Thomas Barrett – Registrars Stakeholder Group Representative

Thomas Barrett

Tom Barrett has over 30 years of experience in technology, including over 20 years of experience in internet development and management. Currently, he is President and Founder of ICANN-accredited Registrar: EnCirca, Inc. EnCirca is a registration and validation specialist for restricted Registries and is currently providing exclusive validation and registration services for 10 Registries. EnCirca is the leading Registrar for: .BANK, .REALTOR, .PHARMACY, .JOBS and .TRAVEL TLDs. EnCirca is also a Trademark Agent for the Trademark Clearinghouse.

Mr. Barrett was previously CEO of NetNames, which he sold to NetBenefit (LSE:NBT) and Vice President at Thomson Compumark (part of ThomsonReuters), where he led the development of the SAEGIS trademark research platform.

Previous affiliations also include; Neustar, Ziff Davis Interactive (Interchange), Accenture (Andersen Consulting), General Electric - Aircraft Engines, and Pratt & Whitney Aircraft.

Mr. Barrett has engineering degrees from MIT and WPI.

Eduardo Diaz – ALAC Representative; North America Region

Eduardo Diaz

Eduardo Diaz graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech), in Atlanta Georgia, with Bachelor and Master Degrees of Science in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Computer Design, Electronics and Controls. Obtained a Master in Computer Science through AT&T Bell Labs.

He worked in AT&T Bell Labs (1981-1989), Puerto Rico Telephone Company (1989-2003) and currently owns a company and acts as its principal consultant providing services in Information Systems, project/construction management and design/installation of solar power energy projects.

Eduardo is a licensed Professional Engineer and solar powered systems designer/installer.

He is a founding member of ISOC Puerto Rico Chapter (2001), President (2003/14, 2015/present) and Board member. Eduardo is also founder and President of the Puerto Rico Broadband Taskforce (2012-present). The mission of this multi-stakeholder group is to increase broadband adoption in Puerto Rico. More details here:

He is a frequent speaker and presenter at Internet and Technology forums and conferences and is frequently called by Government official to provide advice on Internet matters.

Eduardo served on ICANN's Nominating Committee (NomCom) in 2010, 2011, 2016 and 2017 (current).

He is a founding Member of the North American Regional Organization (NARALO) – 2007; ALAC Member 2013/15; AT-LArge Submit (ATLAS) II - WG Lead; and a voting member of the CWG on IANA Transition.

William (Bill) Drake – Non Commercial Users Constituency Representative

William (Bill) Drake

William Drake is an International Fellow and Lecturer in the Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research at the University of Zurich, where he teaches Global Internet Governance and related courses. Within ICANN, he served in three elected positions prior to joining the 2016 & 2017 Nominating Committees: three terms (2013-2015) as Chair of the Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) in the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO); eight terms (2008-2015) as a member of the Board of Directors of the European At Large Organization (Euralo); and two terms (2009-2012) representing the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group on the GNSO Council. Currently he is also an advisor to the World Economic Forum's Future of the Digital Economy and Society Initiative; a member of the Advisory Group of the Global Internet Policy Observatory; an organizational representative to the Network of Internet and Society Research Centers; a core faculty member of the European and South schools on Internet governance; and an Affiliated Researcher at the Institute for Tele-Information, Columbia University.

Previously he has been, inter alia, a Senior Associate at the Centre for International Governance, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies; President, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility; Senior Associate and Director of the Project on the Information Revolution and World Politics, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; founding Associate Director of the Communication, Culture and Technology Program, Georgetown University; Assistant Professor of Communication, University of California, San Diego; and adjunct professor at the School of Advanced International Studies and the Georgetown School of Business. In addition, he has been a co-editor of the MIT Press book series, The Information Revolution and Global Politics; a member of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group of the Internet Governance Forum; a member of the UN Working Group on Internet Governance; a member of the Group of High-Level Advisors of UN Global Alliance for ICT and Development; a founding Steering Committee member and Vice Chair of the Global Internet Governance Academic Network; an advisor to the high-level Panel on Global Internet Cooperation and Governance; an advisor to the World Economic Forum Task Force on the Global Digital Divide; and a member of the US delegations to three International Telecommunication Union negotiations, including the 2012 World Conference on International Telecommunications. He received his MA, MPhil and PhD in Political Science from Columbia University. [] [home] and [] [publications]

Hartmut Glaser – Address Supporting Organization Representative

Sandra Hoferichter – ALAC Representative; Europe Region

Sandra Hoferichter

Sandra Hoferichter, is the Secretary General of the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG), the European IGF. As a board member of Medienstadt Leipzig e.V., a German not for profit organization, she became involved in Internet Governance matters in 2006 by coordinating inter alia the European Summer School on Internet Governance (EuroSSIG), ICANN Studienkreis or Experts meetings on the Internet of Things.

In 2010 Sandra was elected as one European representative to ICANN's At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) and served on the ALAC until November 2016. Within this period she established the ICANN Academy project and was chairing the Ad-Hoc-Working Group since its inception in 2011. She was also member of the Meeting Strategy Working Group, a cross community effort to work out new strategies to conduct ICANN meetings more effectively. Sandra's contributions, both to the ICANN Community and the efforts within the IGF fora, are dedicated to facilitate the collaboration ground for different stakeholder groups and to develop participation processes that are open and transparent.

Sandra holds a degree in Architecture from the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK).

Dave Kissoondoyal – ALAC Representative; Africa Region

Dave Kissoondoyal

Dave Kissoondoyal has been appointed as a NomCom member from Africa. Dave will be an invaluable asset to the NomCom given his experience in Management, Internet governance and the Internet Society, whose Mauritius chapter he founded. Dave is the CEO of KMP Global Ltd.

Previously, Dave was Director of Information Technology at Apolloblake and at Teleforma (Mauritius), Ltd - A US Upstream Company. Dave was also Group Technical Director and Chief Technology Officer for the Bowman Group of Companies. Dave has been an Executive Member of the ALAC and the NCUC; a member of the Public Interest Registry .ORG Advisory Council, a member of the African Stakeholders Network (ASN) of the United Nations Information and Communication Technologies Task Force and has been an Ambassador of the Internet Society to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

Dave's other volunteer work includes acting at different times as Secretary, Treasurer and President (CEO) of Save the Children Mauritius. He also founded the Internet Society of Mauritius. He is the Assistant General Secretary for media and communications of the Mouvement Militant Mauricien and stood as candidate for the National Elections in 2010.

Dave's education background includes a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Technology Mauritius, a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from the Mauritius Institute of Management / University of Surrey, United Kingdom, Certificate in electronics from the University of Mauritius, Certificate in Telecommunications and Electronics from the City and Guilds of London Institute. He speaks English, French and Hindi.

Paul Mitchell – Commercial and Business Users Constituency (Large) Representative

Paul Mitchell

Mr. Mitchell assumed his current role in July 2011. He is responsible for policy initiatives in the areas of spectrum, telecomm, and Internet governance. He has championed Microsoft's efforts to advance flexible spectrum regulations allowing for dynamic sharing, and developing innovative access networks leveraging television white spaces around the world.

Prior to his current position Mr. Mitchell held a variety of senior positions with Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division. His career also includes significant work related to digital and interactive television including work developing standards for digital television in advance of the U.S. DTV transition. He held several roles in the Microsoft TV division including Chief of Staff and General Manager of the Tools and Applications Product Unit.

Mitchell serves on the ITU/UNESCO Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, on the board of the United States Telecommunications Training Institute, and on the advisory board for the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington. He has previously served on the board of directors of, the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, and Vision TV and SVOX in Canada.

He holds an MPA from the Evans School at the University of Washington.

Osvaldo Novoa – ISP Constituency Representative

Osvaldo Novoa

Osvaldo Novoa has more than 30 years in the telecommunications industry, most of them in the National Telecommunications Administration of Uruguay. In his actual position of Deputy General Manager, he is in charge of all the international relationships of Antel, as well as developing the business social responsibility strategy.

During his career in Antel he has occupied different positions in the engineer (radio communications design, technical planning) and commercial (data and mobile product design and development) areas.

Antel is the biggest telecommunications company in Uruguay providing voice and data services, both fixed and mobile, being the most important ISP in Uruguay.

Eng. Novoa has worked with several private companies as a telecommunications consultant and taught telecommunications technologies for several years in one of the universities of Uruguay.

He graduated in Electronic Engineering and has post-degree studies in Radio communications Engineering, Telecommunications Planning and Telecommunications Management.

Osvaldo served as GNSO Councilor in representation of the ISPCP Constituency from 2011 till 2015.

Amir Qayyum – ALAC Representative; Asia/Australia/Pacific Region

Amir Qayyum

Amir Qayyum is currently a Professor at Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST), Islamabad, Pakistan ( He is the Founding Director of Center of Research in Networks and Telecom

(CoReNeT- which he established in 2007. He is an Electrical Engineer and associated with Internet since early nineties.

He did his Masters and PhD from France, and also worked as a researcher at the renowned lab: INRIA Rocquencourt, France. Being a French alumni, he is the founding member of the Board of Directors and the Vice-President of Pak-France Alumni Network (PFAN -

Being a professor and researcher at a university, he enjoys working on network protocols. He actively participated in IETF WGs since 1997, and is also a co-author of the RFC 3626. He lead many funded R&D projects in the domain of wired and wireless networks, funded by ISOC USA, Govt of France in ICT-Asia program and also in PHC program, National ICT R&D Fund, and by the local industry too. He also served as the Chair IEEE Computer Society Islamabad Chapter, from 2011 to 2015, as the Secretary and Treasurer IEEE Islamabad Section, from2011 to 2013 and as the Chair Professional Activities IEEE Islamabad Section, from 2014 to 2016.

Amir Qayyum feels refreshing to see himself as part of a large connected community! He is an ICANN Fellowship alumni, and got involved into ICANN activities since 2012, through the local ISOC Chapter. He is currently the Chair, Board of Directors of ISOC Islamabad Chapter, which is also one of the ALS in ICANN/APRALO. He is quite involved in capacity building activities (IPv6, DNSSEC, etc.) with ISOC, APNIC and ICANN regional teams, and conducted many training workshops, informational seminars and general awareness talks. Apart from his technical activities, he is also running a charitable trust to improve the education and living of the under-privileged people of a slum area near Rawalpindi, and also a member of two more welfare trusts for the provision of education and basic health facilities in the rural areas of Pakistan.

Jose Ovidio Salgueiro – ALAC Representative; Latin America/Caribbean Region

Jose Ovidio Salgueiro

Jose Ovidio Salgueiro is Venezuelan lawyer. Jose received his law degree from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Caracas) in 1989. Since then Salgueiro has done post graduate work in commercial law at the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain, and Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas, Venezuela. His primary practice is intellectual property and informatics law.

Jose has been a professor in informatics and computer law at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Caracas), Instituto de Altos Estudios Diplomaticos Pedro Gual (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Universidad Católica del Táchira (San Cristobal) and Escuela Nacional de Administración y Hacienda Pública (Ministry of Treasury), all in Venezuela, and Preston University of Cheyenne Wyoming; and he has also lectured on those same topics in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Argentina.

He has served as an Advisor of the Superintendent of Electronic Signatures of Venezuela, and as the Academic Director of the Venezuelan Association on Informatics Law. He is the co-writer of the Data Messages and Electronic Signature Law of Venezuela and its regulations and member of the staff of Informatics Law Community Alfa-Redi.

Jose has been a voting member of ICANN's Nominating Committee, selected by the At-Large Advisory Committee multiple times and was an ALAC member 2007-2009.

Jörg Schweiger – ccNSO Representative

Jörg Schweiger

Jörg Schweiger studied computer sciences at the University of Linz, Austria, and at Dortmund University, Germany. He holds a university diploma and a doctoral degree. Before joining DENIC as CTO in 2007, he had various consultant and management functions at leading technology companies and in the financial sector.

Since 2014 as DENIC CEO, Jörg Schweiger regularly represents DENIC at international organisations, associations and conferences, such as ICANN, NETmundial, IGF or EuroDIG.

Since February 2016, Jörg Schweiger is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries, CENTR (Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries). He further represents DENIC as an associated member at the regional TLD umbrella organisations APTLD (Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association) and LACTLD (Latin American and Caribbean Top Level Domain Association). Since February 2016, he also is a member of the des Steering Committee of the IGF-D (Internet Governance Forum Deutschland).

He is actively involved in the multistakeholder process at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN):

  • Since 2009 DENIC representative in the Country Code Names Supporting Organisation
  • 2009/2010 Chair of the ccNSO Incident Response Working Group
  • 2011/2012 Co-chair of the Joint DSSA (DNS Security and Stability Analysis) Working Group
  • 2014/2015 Observer of the Cross Community Working Group to Develop an IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal on Naming Related Functions (CWG IST)
  • 2016 ccNSO-representative in the Nominating Committee (NomCom)

Mark Seiden – SSAC Representative

Ken Stubbs – Registries Stakeholder Group Representative

Ken Stubbs

Ken Stubbs has provided consulting services to various clients for over 25 years, with a principle focus on the development of marketing strategies and operational and organizational structures. Previously, Mr. Stubbs worked for KPMG and Ernst & Young specializing in accounting systems and operations management consulting with special emphasis on travel, retail, and real estate industries.

Since 1994, Mr. Stubbs has consulted on Internet business development strategies for the development of both commercial as well as non-profit web sites. Mr. Stubbs is also the former Chairman of the Executive Committee of CORE (3 years) and has testified before both the United States House Commerce as well as the House Judiciary Committees as an expert on Internet development and commerce.

Mr. Stubbs has been an active participant in ICANN activities since its inception, participating as a member of the Names Council, (serving as its chairman for 2 terms) representing both the Registrar as well as Registry constituencies. He was a member of the working group which formulated the UDRP and has been an active member of numerous task forces over the last 5 years. He has also been active participant in the World Summit on the Information Society and United Nations ICT Task Force. Mr. Stubbs graduated with honors from California State University at San Diego with a degree in business and is a Certified Public Accountant.

He served on the GNSO Council as the Registrar Constituency's representative from 1999 – 2002 and the Registries Constituency's representative from 2004 - 2006. He is a Director of Afilias Registry as well as a member of the Afilias Board of Director's Executive Committee.

Mr. Stubbs is a voting member of the 2016 Nominating Committee, selected by the Registries Stakeholder Group.

Jay Sudowski – Commercial and Business Users Constituency (Small) Representative

Jay Sudowski

Jay has been involved in the web hosting and data center industries since 1997. He is the co-founder and CTO of Handy Networks, LLC. Jay has wide ranging, extensive experience in all facets of the industry and is one of the few individuals worldwide to have achieved cPanel's Master level certification.

In addition, Jay has long been involved in internet governance at many levels, having attending ARIN, IGF and ICANN meetings.

Tim Wicinski – IAB for IETF Representative

Domain Name System
Internationalized Domain Name ,IDN,"IDNs are domain names that include characters used in the local representation of languages that are not written with the twenty-six letters of the basic Latin alphabet ""a-z"". An IDN can contain Latin letters with diacritical marks, as required by many European languages, or may consist of characters from non-Latin scripts such as Arabic or Chinese. Many languages also use other types of digits than the European ""0-9"". The basic Latin alphabet together with the European-Arabic digits are, for the purpose of domain names, termed ""ASCII characters"" (ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange). These are also included in the broader range of ""Unicode characters"" that provides the basis for IDNs. The ""hostname rule"" requires that all domain names of the type under consideration here are stored in the DNS using only the ASCII characters listed above, with the one further addition of the hyphen ""-"". The Unicode form of an IDN therefore requires special encoding before it is entered into the DNS. The following terminology is used when distinguishing between these forms: A domain name consists of a series of ""labels"" (separated by ""dots""). The ASCII form of an IDN label is termed an ""A-label"". All operations defined in the DNS protocol use A-labels exclusively. The Unicode form, which a user expects to be displayed, is termed a ""U-label"". The difference may be illustrated with the Hindi word for ""test"" — परीका — appearing here as a U-label would (in the Devanagari script). A special form of ""ASCII compatible encoding"" (abbreviated ACE) is applied to this to produce the corresponding A-label: xn--11b5bs1di. A domain name that only includes ASCII letters, digits, and hyphens is termed an ""LDH label"". Although the definitions of A-labels and LDH-labels overlap, a name consisting exclusively of LDH labels, such as"""" is not an IDN."