CEO Corner

Gain insight into the work ICANN does and stay up to date on the organization’s latest achievements from this collection of reports, blogs, and annual goals by ICANN's President and CEO.

CEO Corner

Sally Costerton is the Sr. Advisor to President and SVP, Global Stakeholder Engagement & Interim President and CEO, and she regularly communicates the organization’s milestones, activities, and progress toward established goals and objectives. In this collection of reports, blogs, and annual goals, readers can learn more about ICANN and stay up to date on its latest initiatives from the perspective of the organization’s leader.

Get a high-level and comprehensive look at how the organization works by viewing the CEO’s annual goals, the regular CEO Reports to the Board, and blogs. Check back often to stay informed about the latest from ICANN.

CEO Goals and Report to the Board

One of the most important aspects of any organization's operations is setting goals. By clearly defining what it hopes to achieve, an organization can stay focused and on track.

Each year, the ICANN CEO works with the ICANN Board and the org’s Executive team to set goals for the organization. These goals are developed with the needs of the organization and the challenges the ICANN ecosystem faces in mind, and they help guide the org as it continues its work. Once the goals are set, the CEO regularly reports back to the Board on the org’s progress, allowing for course corrections when necessary and celebrating of successes along the way.

Learn more about how ICANN org is working to meet its mission by reviewing the CEO goals and CEO Reports to the Board.

CEO’s Latest Blogs