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Meeting Strategy Working Group (MSWG) | Call for Volunteer Members: Representing ICANN Advisory Committees and Supporting Organizations

11 February 2013

In Short

In line with the Board resolution adopted on February the 2nd 2013, ICANN now invites interested individuals to apply for Volunteer Member positions – in representation of a Supporting Organization or Advisory Committee – to serve on the Meeting Strategy Working Group. Candidatures are to be submitted to by Sunday, 3 March 2013 – 23:59 UTC.

Please read below for more information and details on the application procedure and Meeting Strategy Working Group mandate.

Background Information

ICANN has committed to identifying ICANN Meeting locations two years in advance.

After consideration that adoption of a prior Consolidated Meetings Strategy proposal was not timely the Public Participation Committee (PPC) initiated work to create a working group to address the meeting location strategy.

The successful operation of ICANN's public meetings in all of the geographic regions is an important part of ICANN's accountability and transparency efforts. The action today will allow community members to serve alongside Board members and staff in helping to develop a meetings strategy that will align with community needs, while taking into account the fiscal and facility requirements for these meetings.

In line with these requirements, ICANN now invites interested individuals to apply for a position of Volunteer Member, in representation of a Supporting Organization or Advisory Committee, in the Meeting Strategy Working Group (MSWG).

Composition of the MSWG

Members of the Board: Sébastien Bachollet (Chair), Chris Disspain;

Staff representatives: Sally Costerton (As selector designee by the CEO), Nick Tomasso, Chris Gift;

Representatives of the relevant ICANN Advisory Committees and Supporting Organizations 1. Each SO or AC will get between 1 to 4 seats:

  • ASO
  • ccNSO
  • gNSO
  • At-Large
  • GAC

Each SO and AC is encouraged to send a list of volunteers taking into account the need for diversity and not limited to the number of seats open. This will allow the selectors (the CEO or his designee and the Chair of the WG) to balance the various factors more easily.

Membership is individual. Working Group Members are expected to attend face-to-face meetings, conference calls and may not delegate membership responsibilities.

Mandate & Mission

The mandate and Mission of Meeting Strategy Working Group is defined as follows in the MSWG Charter:

To discuss and propose strategy for the structure, purpose and locations for ICANN Public Meetings and conferences, starting in 2015.

Topics for consideration by the MSWG include:

  • Number of ICANN meetings per year,
  • Other types of meetings and conferences (Global, regional, topic, stakeholder…),
  • Objectives of the Meetings and conferences,
  • Organization of the Meetings and conferences,
  • Localization (including rotation) of the Meetings and conferences,
  • Role of local host,
  • Visa and travel support,
  • Role of hosts and sponsors,
  • Expected language services to be provided at ICANN meetings and conferences,
  • Remote participation,
  • Outreach (during the Meetings and conferences).

Methodology, Budget & Support

The working methodology will be determined by the Chairman, in consultation with the working group, including:

  • How often the working group will meet and how (telephonic, face-to-face);
  • Best time and day on which to meet;
  • How long the meetings will last;
  • When notice will be provided and when materials will be distributed before the meeting.

English is the working language.

ICANN Staff support will be made available to the working group. External expertise may be provided upon request.


Proposed deadline for the deliverables of the working group, including reporting requirements:

  • Call for candidates: 12 February 2013 – 3 March 2013,
  • Applications send to the relevant AC or SO: 4 March 2013,
  • List of applicants supported by the relevant SO and AC send to the selectors: 14 March 2013,
  • Publication of the list of the members of the MSWG: 20 March 2013,
  • First meeting of the MSWG: week of 25 March 2013,
  • Discussion in Beijing,
  • Draft initial report: 21 May 2013,
  • Draft report for comments: 21 June 2013,
  • Comment period: 21 June 2013 to 26 July 2013,
  • Discussion in Durban: 12 July 2013,
  • Reply Comment period: 26 July 2013 to 30 August 2013,
  • Last report to the community: 10 October 2013,
  • Final report to the Board: 28 October 2013,
  • Board decision during the Buenos Aires ICANN Meeting.

Desired Skillset

Applicants should possess the following professional and personal skills:

  • Knowledge of ICANN and its working practices and culture;
  • Knowledge of international meetings;
  • Team spirit, adaptability, consensus-seeking attitude;
  • Willingness to learn;
  • Capacity to reason objectively, putting aside personal opinions or preconceptions;
  • Commitment to devote sufficient personal time to the review process.

Call for Applicants

This call is solely intended for individuals interested in applying for a position of Volunteer Member, in representation of a Supporting Organization or Advisory Committee, on the Meeting Strategy Working Group (MSWG).

How to apply?

How to Apply for the Position of Volunteer Member for the MSWG

Interested individuals are invited to provide the following:

  • A resume (maximum three pages);
  • A letter of motivation;
  • A Declaration of Interests (the template may be found at: [PDF, 34 KB])
  • The Supporting Organization or Advisory Committee he/she wishes to represent;
  • Any additional information the Support Organization or Advisory Committee may require to reach its decision on endorsement. Candidatures will be forwarded to the Supporting Organization (SO) or Advisory Committee (AC) identified by the applicant, for endorsement. SO/AC endorsement will be factored into the selection process;

Candidatures should be emailed to

The list of all candidates will be published on the ICANN website.


Candidatures will be accepted until Sunday, 3 March 2013 – 23:59 UTC.


MSWG Members will not be remunerated. However, travel, meal and lodging costs for appointed Members to participate in MSWG meetings will be reimbursed upon request in accordance with ICANN's community travel support guidelines.


Please contact Renate DeWulf at for any questions you may have.

1 The Selectors will establish the number of positions on the MSWG available for each SO/AC and then determine the composition of the MSWG in line with a set of requirements and criteria including meeting objectivity and independence requirements together with geographical and gender factors. Only candidates who have received endorsement from a relevant SO/ACs will be considered for membership.

Domain Name System
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