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SubPro ODP Update: Work Track 7, Resources, Staffing, and Logistics

2 December 2022

As we continue to work on the Subsequent Procedures (SubPro) Operational Design Phase (ODP), I would like to introduce you to the Resources and Staffing Work Track. This work track team is responsible for planning around the human resources and facilities needed to implement the next round of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), without disrupting the org's day-to-day operations

The 2012 Round required the addition of a significant number of staff to develop and execute the program. Although ICANN org's capabilities have expanded since then, so too have the operational requirements, including those recommended in the Final Report on the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process; as a result, should the Board approve future rounds, it would require more staff.

The key responsibilities of this work track are to plan for the timely hiring of required staff (temporary and permanent) based on the program's specialized skill requirements; to secure working space, facilities, and services to accommodate and allow for collaboration; and to deliver onboarding and training to enable the efficient and effective delivery of the program's requirements.

Hiring for future rounds would require careful definition of the projected resources, and a clear timeline for when each new person would be needed to enable accurate budget forecasting and planning. Key considerations are to ensure that permanent hiring needs are based on long-term requirements to avoid the risk of over-hiring, and that hiring requests are made sufficiently in advance to enable an effective hiring process and onboarding. This approach will be essential for each phase of the program and any subsequent rounds.

A structured onboarding program is critical to ensure new staff members can efficiently acclimate, collaborate, and contribute effectively in their roles. This includes an introduction to the ICANN ecosystem and the relevant processes, policies, and procedures.

Acquiring additional human resources for the program is expected to be phased and driven by considerations such as the type of resource needed, the length of time the position would be needed, the amount of time it would take to hire, and time required to onboard and train.

The ICANN org culture fosters an environment that is safe, inclusive, and positive, and where every voice matters. The ability to connect with and serve the ICANN community and each other is foundational to our culture, motivating staff to work in support of our mission. Bringing in a considerable number of new hires for the next round of gTLDs over a short period of time risks diluting that culture. An organizational culture is not accidental – it must be nurtured and reinforced by leadership, policy, and in the onboarding and training of staff and people managers. Identifying the appropriate support mechanisms the org would need to put in place is a key part of this work track's planning discussions.

Visit the careers page to learn about opportunities and how you can join our team. Stay up to date on SubPro ODP activities and share your feedback about the SubPro ODP with ICANN org by sending an email to subpro-odp@icann.org.


Karen Lentz

Karen Lentz

VP Policy Research & Stakeholder Programs