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ITI Update: New ICANN Content Added to https://icann.org and Upcoming Releases

8 March 2022

It's been almost one year since our first Information Transparency Initiative (ITI) launch in March 2021. Since that time, the team has been releasing improved content and adding new features to the existing https://icann.org on a regular basis. This improved content includes Announcements, Blogs, Registry Agreements, Acronyms and Terms, Accredited Registrars, Public Comment, ICANN News Subscriptions, Careers, and most recently Government and Intergovernmental Organization Engagement.

Read Mandy Carver's, SVP, ICANN Government and Intergovernmental Organization Engagement (GE), blog about the newly released GE pages.

Since March 2021, the ITI team has improved thousands of pages and files and made that content available directly to our ICANN community through our new ITI document management system (DMS) and content management system (CMS) and applied our new taxonomy and information architecture (IA). These enhancements include:

  • Keyword(s) search within files and pages
  • Date and other relevant search filters
  • Download search results to a csv file
  • Improved layout and user experience
  • Multilingual navigation for specific content
  • Optimized for mobile and accessibility improvements
  • Subscription to news alerts when new content is published, including Public Comment submissions to individual proceedings
  • New consolidated Other Public Consultations pages to provide the community with a central location for other ICANN community surveys or public consultations that fall outside the Public Comment process
  • New Public Comment submission management feature allowing individual users or ICANN groups to track their submissions
  • New guided form Public Comment submission feature
  • Number of Public Comment submissions published to individual proceedings available in real time
  • New Public Comment submission step-by-step guidelines
  • New Careers pages
  • New page within the GE section that includes ICANN submissions to external bodies.

What's Coming Up

It takes time to improve our existing content, apply the new taxonomy and information architecture (IA), and migrate that content to our new DMS and CMS technical infrastructure. So, while we have already tackled many pages and files, we have thousands of pages and files remaining to improve. We are pleased to announce that in the coming months, we will be releasing the following content sections:

  • Board Meeting Materials (Agendas, Minutes, Resolutions, Secretary's Notices, etc.)
  • Help pages
  • Beginners' pages

These three content sets represent over 6,000 pages and files, with Board Meeting Materials being one of our more complicated content types. The improvements to Board Meeting Materials will be similar to those of Registry Agreements in that users will be able to apply filters to narrow search results, use keywords to search within Board Meeting Materials, download research results to a csv, and subscribe to email alerts to get notified when new Board Meeting content is published.

To support this release, we will conduct webinars to demonstrate these improvements. Watch this space for dates and times.

Report Bugs

New technical releases will have bugs. We ask for your patience as we work to resolve any issues and do report bugs that you discover to: informationtransparency@icann.org.

Thank You and Feedback

Thank you to the many community members who have provided feedback and support throughout this project. Our goal is to provide an improved search and user experiences to all sections within https://icann.org based on your feedback.

If you want to learn more about ITI, visit https://icann.org/iti and if you have questions or comments, please email: informationtransparency@icann.org

About ITI

ITI is an operational activity to improve ICANN's content governance and infrastructure. ITI's goals include:

  • Creating an integrated ongoing, operational process to govern, preserve, organize, and secure ICANN's public content.
  • Implementing this governance through a new document management system (DMS), the content foundation for ICANN ecosystem-wide governance.
  • Surfacing this content through a new content management system (CMS), which will serve as the backbone for ICANN's external web properties.
  • Enabling a multilingual user experience (in the U.N. six languages) and aim to adhere to W3C AA accessibility standards.
  • Upgrading and establish a future-proof and content agnostic technology landscape.


Sally Newell Cohen

Sally Newell Cohen

SVP, Global Communications