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IANA & Technical Operations Department Recognized for Commitment to Excellence

5 September 2013
By Elise Gerich

By Elise Gerich, VP, IANA & Technical Operations Department

Following four years of applying the EFQM principles of continuous improvement, our IANA and Technical Operations Department was recognized for their Commitment to Excellence. In August we received the Commitment to Excellence recognition from EFQM, the international not-for-profit membership foundation that develops the EFQM Excellence Model, which is used by over 30,000 organizations around the world.

The quest for excellence is an elusive target as the bar measuring excellence is always moving due to the ever changing environment and the evolution of services.

We are currently gathering feedback on our services through a series of consultations on performance standards and documentation. Based on the input from the consultations, we will be creating new performance reports and enhancing the online documentation. In addition, within the next couple of months, we will be conducting our second Customer Survey to gauge the community's overall satisfaction with the services we provide. The responses to the survey will help our department to target areas for future enhancements.

Our journey towards excellence has been a key component of our regular IANA Activities Updates and has been reported at ICANN meetings in Seoul and Toronto. Some of our customers who also follow the EFQM model for excellence have shared their experiences with us and we have reciprocated. We'd like to engage the community in more discussion about business excellence and plan to schedule a session on this topic for the Buenos Aires ICANN meeting in November 2013.


Elise Gerich