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At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) Review


Under the Article XI, Section 2 of ICANN's Bylaws, At-Large is the name of the community of individual Internet users involved in ICANN's policy development process. It currently consists of over 120 active At-Large organizations (called "At-Large structures" or "ALSes"), representing the opinions of the global community of Internet users. At-Large provides a means through which individual end users of the Internet worldwide can participate in the matters on which ICANN works, such as:

  • Guidance on how to run Internationalized Domain Names (IDN);
  • How to introduce new gTLDs (such as .info, .name and .museum); and
  • How to implement a stable and fair transition from IPv4 to the next Internet addresses generation, IPv6.

Status: Assessment Phase – Please refer to the ALAC web space for further information

Steps of the ALAC Review Process –

August 2012 The ICANN Board of Directors approved the ALAC/At-Large Improvements Implementation Project Plan [PDF, 916 KB].
June 2012 The At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) submits its ALAC/At-Large Improvements Implementation Project Plan [PDF, 916 KB] to the Structural Improvements Committee (SIC).
October 2011 Dakar – The Board acknowledges receipt of the ALAC/At-Large Improvements Project Milestone Report [PDF, 532 KB], dated 9 October 2011, which provides an update on the implementation of the recommendations in the ALAC Review Final Report.
August 2010 The Board approves the ALAC/At-Large Improvements Project Plan and directs ICANN's President and CEO to take action according to the ALAC/At-Large Improvements Implementation Project Plan and report back on the progress at the 2010 Annual General Meeting.
June 2010
  • The ALAC Improvements Implementation plan [PDF, 399 KB] drafted by ALAC’s supporting staff is approved by the SIC. The Board directs ICANN to provide a summary of the implementation plan at the next ICANN Board meeting.
  • In Brussels, the Board resolves to open the draft Bylaws amendments necessary to allow for the seating of the Board Director selected by the At-Large Community for public comment so as to take action on this no later than at its 28 October 2010 meeting.

See Brussels Board resolutions and ALAC web space for further details

August 2009 The Board approved in principle the recommendation of the Board review Working Group to add one voting director from the At-Large Community to the ICANN Board of Directors and removing the present At-Large Advisory Committee Liaison to the ICANN Board.
June 2009

The ALAC Review WG final report (English [PDF, 304 KB]) is released and received by the SIC and Board at the Sydney meeting.

[PDF, 492 KB] العربية Français [PDF, 292 KB] Español [PDF, 425 KB] Русский [PDF, 513 KB] 中文 [PDF, 660 KB]

The Board directs ICANN Staff to assist the At-Large community in developing a proposed implementation plan and timeline for the recommendations in the report (except for the recommendation to provide At-Large with voting seats).

February 2009 – April 2009 The WG’s draft Final Report is submitted for a period of public comments. A staff summary of these comments may be found at:
February 2009 – March 2009

The WG issues its draft Final Report (English [PDF, 309 KB]) on ALAC improvements which is presented at the Mexico City meeting.

[PDF, 499 KB] العربية Français [PDF, 269 KB] Español [PDF, 427 KB] Русский [PDF, 512 KB] 中文 [PDF, 662 KB]
October 2008 – December 2008 The Mid-point Consultation Report (English [PDF, 281 KB]) is discussed at the Cairo meeting, and followed by a public comment period. A summary of contributions may be found at:
October 2008

The ALAC review WG issues its Mid-point Consultation Report (English [PDF, 281 KB]) based on a series of consultations with the ICANN community.

العربية Français Español Русский 中文
August 2008 – September 2008 The independent reviewers’ final report is submitted for a public comment period. Please consult the staff summary of contributions.
July 2008

Westlake Consulting Ltd releases its final report (English [PDF, 560 KB]):

العربية Français Español Deutsch 中文
January 2008

The Board of Directors appoints the independent external reviewer – Westlake Consulting Ltd – and approves the following WG composition:

  • Harald Alvestrand;
  • Karl Auerbach;
  • Vittorio Bertola;
  • Tricia Drakes (Chair);
  • Thomas Narten;
  • Nii Quaynor; and
  • Jean-Jacques Subrenat.

The WG is to advise the BGC (now, Structural Improvements Committee) whether, in general, ALAC has a continuing purpose in the ICANN structure; and if so, consult broadly and identify desirable changes in structure or operations via recommendations so as to improve its effectiveness.

August 2007 A Request for Proposals [PDF, 17 KB] for independent evaluators is released.
June 2007 The ALAC review’s Final Terms of Reference [PDF, 29 KB] are published.

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