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ICANN operates in large part by entering into agreements with various other parties involved in the operation of the Internet. These agreements fall generally into two categories: Transition Agreements and Implementation Agreements.

Transition Agreements

In its 5 June 1998 "Statement of Policy, Management of Internet Names and Addresses," 63 Fed. Reg. 31741(1998) (commonly known as the White Paper), the United States Government declared its willingness to recognize a new, not-for-profit corporation formed by private sector Internet stakeholders to administer policy for the Internet name and address system. The White Paper envisioned a transition process during which the not-for-profit corporation would enter various agreements to facilitate ending the United States Government's role in the Internet number and name address system in a manner that ensures the stability of the Internet. These agreements are as follows:

Implementation Agreements

Policies adopted through the ICANN process are implemented by agreement of entities involved in the operation of the Internet. In some cases, this agreement occurs after the policy is adopted; in other cases the implementation is pre-arranged through written agreements. Some of those agreements are:

Note: The documents listed below supplement the 1 March 2000 IETF/ICANN Memorandum of Understanding concerning the Technical Work of the IANA.

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