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If you have a domain-related dispute with another party, or feel that ICANN itself has not acted properly, check the resources below for information that could move your problem toward resolution.

Dispute Resolution

Check here for assistance with a variety of problems such as a domain name transfer, unsolicited renewal, or trademark infringement.

Domain Name Dispute Resolution

Are you in the right? Check here to read official policies related to disputes between registrants and third parties over the registration and use of domain names.

Help with a Registrar Problem

As titled, this article explains how to get help when you have a problem with your registrar. Note: the advice applies to registrants under generic top-level domains only, not to country code top-level domains.

Whois Data Problem Reports

Did you search in Whois to find out who runs a domain, and you know that the Whois answer is false or inaccurate? Report it here, and help improve the accuracy of Whois.

Independent Review Process (IRP).

ICANN's Bylaws state, "Any person materially affected by a decision or action by the Board that he or she asserts is inconsistent with the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws may submit a request for independent review of that decision or action." (Article IV, Section 3) This page answers questions about the IRP.

Board Reconsideration

ICANN's Bylaws state, "Any person or entity materially affected by an action of ICANN may request review or reconsideration of that action by the Board" (Article IV, Section 2). This page publicly displays all such requests, dating back to 1999.


If you have a complaint about an act done (or not done) by ICANN staff, Board members, or members an ICANN's constituency, the ombudsman is charged with representing the interests of the public by investigating and addressing your complaint.

Website Archive

You just know it was here a while ago! If you're looking for a file you can't find on ICANN.ORG, the site was heavily revised in March 2012. You might find what you're looking for on our "old" site, linked here.

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