Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

DIDP Requests and Responses

Documentation relating to requests received pursuant to the Documentary Disclosure Information Policy are provided below in reverse chronological order. Where the Request is set forth individually, it is attached to the Response.

NOTE: With the exception of personal email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses, DIDP Requests are otherwise posted in full on ICANN's website, unless there are exceptional circumstances requiring further redaction.

Request 20140320-2, ICOMP

Request 20140113-1, Kelsey Britton

Request 20130810-1, Mathilde Frison

Request 20130724-1, NCSG

Request 20130626-1, George Kirikos

Request 20130507-1, George Kirikos

Request 20130422-1, Thomas Indelicarto, Verisign

Request 20130413-1, Kevin Murphy

Request 20130328-1, Flip Petillion, Crowell & Moring

Request 20130326-1, Oksana Prykhodko

Request 20130320-1, Compwiz

Request 20130211-1, Mary Blasy

Requests 20130205-1 – 20130205-9, Garth Bruen

Request 20130129-1, Igor Petrenko

Request 20121027-1, George Kirikos

Request 20120808-1, David Maher, GNSO Registries Stakeholder Group

Request 20120529-1, Phil Corwin, ICA

Request 20120403-1, John Bell, The .JOBS Charter Compliance Coalition

Request 20120315-1, George Kirikos

Request 20120117-1, George Todoroff

Request 20111207-1, Shawn Gunnarson

Request 20111129-1, Shawn Gunnarson

Request 20111027-2, Kieren McCarthy

Request 20111027-1, Kieren McCarthy

Request 20111020-1, Kieren McCarthy

Request 20110920-1, Kieren McCarthy

Request 20110919-1, Kieren McCarthy

Request 20110916-1, Michael Palage

Request 20110902-1, Paul McGrady, Greenberg Traurig

Request 20110820-1, Kieren McCarthy

Request 20110810-1, James Keener

Request 20110708-1, John Bell, The .JOBS Charter Compliance Coalition

Request 20110613-1, Kieren McCarthy

Request 20110523-01, Kevin Murphy

Request 20110411-1, Diane Duke, Free Speech Coalition

Request 20110316-1, Kieren McCarthy

Request 20110310-1, Michael Palage

Request 20101207-1, Jorge Sabate

Request 20101201-1, Iliya Bazlyankov, UNINET

Request 20101108-1, Denise Subramaniam

Request 20100927-1, Evan Leibovitch

Request 20100908-1, Diane Duke, Free Speech Coalition

Request 20100820-1, Barry Carter

Request 20100624-1, Michael Palage

Request 20100429-1, Brunner-Williams

Request 20100427-1, Palage

Request 20090925-1, Alejandra Barrientos

Request 20090917-1, McEvedy

Request 20090508-1, Tim Ruiz,

Request 20090403-1, Edward Hasbrouck

Request 20090306-1, Edward Hasbrouck

Request 20090206-1, Christopher Cielinski, Commercial Connect, Inc.

Request 20081121-1, Brian Krebs

Request 20080924-1, Danny Younger

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