Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

ICANN Strategic and Operating Plan Process

ICANN produces a three-year Strategic Plan (reviewed and updated annually), along with a framework for the draft Operating Plan and Budget, and an annual Operating Plan.

The ICANN planning process is continuous and allows for an overlapping of its three components:

  • Strategic Plan, which is developed with community input usually between July and February
  • Framework for the Operating Plan and Budget that begins in December with community input and target setting
  • Draft Operating Plan and Budget that is posted by 17 May of each year for final community review

This year's approved Strategic Plan 2012-2015 [PDF, 864 KB] – adopted by the ICANN Board during the Special Meeting of the Board of Directors held in Amsterdam on 6 May 2012.

The Strategic Plan feeds into the Operating Plan and Budget and helps to define ICANN's yearly goals and priorities.

Strategic Plan Documents Operating Plan Documents

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