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ICANN's Fellowship Program – Making a Difference

The Fellowship program seeks to create a broader and more regionally diverse base of knowledgeable constituents by reaching out to the less developed regions of the world to build capacity within the ICANN Multistakeholder Model. Participation in the program at an ICANN Meeting is a "fast track" experience of engagement into that community model, with presentations designed to facilitate understanding of the many pieces and parts of ICANN while providing opportunities to network and promoting interaction with staff and community leaders. ICANN staff and the selection committee have maintained a "3x" rule for receiving this grant of support. The underlying thought is that a first time attendee is new to the ICANN meeting and/or community, and will not fully grasp all of the opportunities or understand all of the issues being worked on by the community. On a second fellowship, the individual will be better prepared and more knowledgeable about the process, providing an opportunity for increased networking and the chance to find their "fit" within ICANN, leading up to a final fellowship experience that focuses on mentorship, leadership and formulating goals for future participation. To receive more than one fellowship, an individual is expected to show growth in their chosen sector, and increased engagement and participation in their region as well as within the ICANN community. The expectation is that recipients will "graduate" from the program to participate in ICANN in a more visible manner, through outreach in their region, as a member of a working group, or as an active participant and potentially leader within an ICANN SO, AC, constituency or stakeholder group. Recipients of the program's support are now engaged members of the GAC, ccNSO, ALAC, SSAC, and the gNSO, with representation in its various stakeholder groups, constituencies and councils.

What is an ICANN fellowship and who are the fellowships for?

The Fellowship Program provides a grant of support to individuals who are members of the Internet community and have not previously been able to participate in ICANN processes and constituent organizations. In some cases, continued limited support is provided to those who have previously participated but need the opportunity to implement an agenda pertinent to a particular meeting (and still meet program criteria). This is a means tested program. Applicants must be citizens of economically eligible countries. We use a combination of the World Bank classification of low, lower-middle, and upper-middle economies, along with two (2) UN groupings of developing and least developed nations:, which are based on distinctly different criteria that stretch beyond the World Bank's economically deterministic view. The fellowship covers the cost of economy class airfare and hotel, as well as providing a stipend after successful completion of the program, in order to assist in covering some basic expenses incurred by the fellow. Recipients are expected to actively contribute to ICANN processes and be a part of the next generation of ICANN leadership.

How are the fellowships awarded?

Fellowships are awarded by an independent selection committee based on a mix of criteria including applicant experience and references, geographic proximity to meeting, receipt of past fellowships, etc. For more information please see the Terms and Conditions.

ICANN may not be able to provide fellowships for all qualified applicants. In the case of a dispute or similar applications final decisions will be made by the fellowships committee.

Who may apply for and be awarded a fellowship?

  • The programme is targeted mainly at individuals who are either new to the ICANN environment or have yet to attend a face to face meeting. Their backgrounds are diverse: government, the ccTLD community, academic, civil and business sectors as well as non-profits. These individuals must NOT be involved in or associated with other ICANN supported travel programmes at time of selection.

    • To be eligible applicants must be citizens of a low, lower-middle, or upper-middle income economy according to the economic classifications listed above.
    • Successful applicants will have demonstrated:
      • Ability to utilize the experiences gained from the fellowship to become a part of the next generation of ICANN leadership
      • A role or interest in the Internet space
      • An interest in contributing to:
        • ICANN policy development processes.
        • The ICANN fellowship alumni network.
        • A leadership role in stimulating local interest in ICANN.
        • An ICANN supporting organization, advisory committee, stakeholder group or constituency.

Current Program Status

The following candidates have been selected to participate in the Fellowship Program at the 50th ICANN Meeting in London 22-26 June 2014.

  • Adrian Quesada Rodriguez – Costa Rica – Academic / NCUC
  • Ahlam Abu-Jadallah – Jordan – Government
  • Aida Mahmutović – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Not For Profit
  • Aleksandar Ichokjaev – The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – Academic
  • Amal Al-Saqqaf – Yemen – Academic
  • Amparo Arango – Dominican Republic – Government
  • Arsene Tungali Baguma – The Democratic Republic of the Congo – End User
  • Babu Ram Dawadi – Nepal – Academic
  • Bennette Thomas – Dominica – Government / GAC
  • Bill Tomon – Papua New Guinea – Academic
  • Dina Barakat – Egypt – Government
  • Dusan Popovic – Serbia – Academic / ccNSO
  • Dwi Simanungkalit – Indonesia – Government / GAC
  • Edwin Opare – Ghana – Government
  • Elena Tric – Romania – Not For Profit
  • Ganeswar Sahoo – India – Academic / NCUC
  • Hafedh Al Yahmadi – Tunisia – N/A
  • Ibrahim Alfayoumi – Palestine – N/A
  • Inga Cucer – Republic of Moldova – Government
  • Jesus Rivera – Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela – Government / ccNSO
  • Kartik Kulkarni – India – Not For Profit
  • Marilia Maciel – Brazil – Academic / NCUC
  • Maritza Yesenia Aguero Miñano – Peru – End User
  • Martin Pablo Silva Valent – Argentina – Business / NCSG
  • Mohamed Adas – Palestine – End User
  • Mwendwa Kivuva – Kenya – Academic / Registry and Registrar
  • Nabil Benamar – Morocco – Academic / At Large
  • Natalie Rose – Jamaica – Academic / At Large
  • Oarabile Mudongo – Botswana – Not For Profit
  • Oleksandr Tsaruk – Ukraine – Government
  • Omar Mansoor Ansari – Afghanistan – Business
  • Paul Muchene – Kenya – Business / At Large
  • Pauline McFadzean – Belize – Business / Registry
  • Rao Naveed Bin Rais – Pakistan – Academic
  • Ridha Guellouz – Tunisia – Not For Profit
  • Roger Oteng Baah – Ghana – Business / IETF
  • Shabnam Shafiei – Islamic Republic of Iran – End User
  • Shakeel Ahmed – Pakistan – Not For Profit
  • Timur Hasanov – Tajikistan – Business / Registry
  • Victoria Rosca – Republic of Moldova – Government
  • Xiaohui Zhang – China – Not For Profit / IPC
  • Yusif Amadu – Ghana – Academic

Fellowship Alumni

Application Rounds

The 51st ICANN meeting in Los Angeles to be held 12-16 October 2014

  • Application Round opens: 18 April 2014 at 23:59 UTC
  • Application Round closes: 30 May 2014 at 23:59 UTC
  • Selected Fellows announced: 18 July 2014

The 52nd ICANN meeting in TBD location in Africa to be held 8-12 February 2015

  • Application Round opens: 8 August 2014 at 23:59 UTC
  • Application Round closes: 19 September 2014 at 23:59 UTC
  • Selected Fellows announced: 7 November 2014

The 53rd ICANN meeting in TBD location in Latin America to be held 21-25 June 2015

  • Application Round opens: 5 December 2014 at 23:59 UTC
  • Application Round closes: 16 January 2015 at 23:59 UTC
  • Selected Fellows announced: 6 March 2015

The 54th ICANN meeting in TBD location in Europe to be held 18-22 October 2015

  • Application Round opens: 3 April 2015 at 23:59 UTC
  • Application Round closes: 15 May 2015 at 23:59 UTC
  • Selected Fellows announced: 10 July 2015

Online Application

Terms and Conditions

Fellowship Committee
Fellowships Committee


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send information separately to the fellowship office if I cannot provide it in time for the application?

The online application system is the only method that you can use to apply for an ICANN fellowship. All information requested in the application has to be embedded in that online form; NO INFORMATION WILL BE ACCEPTED OUTSIDE OF THE ONLINE FORM OR AFTER THE APPLICATION ROUND CLOSES.

Who reviews the applications and how are the fellowships chosen?

An independent selection committee reviews all eligible applications and ranks them according to the selection criteria found on the fellowship web page. Additional weight is given to eligible candidates who meet the minimum requirements of the program, and live in the region of the ICANN meeting that is being held for that fellowship round. The Fellowship Program will support approximately 45 participants to each of the ICANN meetings held within a fiscal year; those candidates who are eligible and meet minimum requirements are selected to fit into this budget.

How will I know if I received a fellowship?

All successful candidates are announced on the ICANN website, approximately 12 weeks after the online application closes. That is the only communication that all applicants will see; successful candidates also receive a follow-up email and confirmation letter at the time of posting, which must be returned within a week of receipt declaring that they accept the fellowship. If a candidate does not accept the fellowship, an already established list of alternates will be used to fill the vacated position.

Do I need to re-apply for each fellowship round?

You must re-apply for each fellowship round. No exceptions.

How many times can I receive fellowship support?

ICANN staff and the selection committee have maintained a "3x" rule for receiving this grant of support. The underlying thought is that a first time attendee is new to the ICANN meeting and community, and will not fully grasp all of the opportunities or understand all of the issues that the community is working on. On a second fellowship, it is expected that you will be better prepared and be more knowledgeable about the process, providing an opportunity for further networking and the chance to find your "fit" in the ICANN community. A third grant would require more out of the individual, including mentoring others, presentations to create and share, as well as solidifying other means of support to future meetings, via participation and membership in one of the ICANN ACs or SOs.

How will my travel be covered?

All travel including airfare and accommodations will be booked and paid for  by ICANN directly. Any additional charges are the responsibility of the fellow.

How will the stipend work?

All fellows are eligible to receive a flat stipend not to exceed US $500.00. Stipends will be provided to fellows by wire transfer, following successful completion of the fellowship program at the ICANN meeting attended.

Do I need insurance?

Acquiring and paying for any and all insurance, including but not limited to travel insurance is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the fellow. Carrying proof of insurance is suggested.

I would like to add personal or other business segments to my travel. What do I do?

Please refer to the ICANN Travel Support Guidelines.

What travel documents are needed?

  • A valid passport **.
  • Travel documents as required by your country of origin.
  • Visa may be required by country hosting the ICANN meeting. It is very IMPORTANT that you check with your local consulate agency.
  • Transit visa may be required to connect in certain cities or countries. Please check with your local consulate agency.

**All travel documents must be consistent with the name on your valid passport**


What is ICANN?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for the global coordination of the Internet's system of unique identifiers. These include domain names (like .org or شبكة (Arabic for "web/network), and country codes like .UK), as well as the addresses used in a variety of Internet protocols. Computers use these identifiers to reach each other over the Internet. Careful management of these resources is vital to the Internet's operation. ICANN's global stakeholders meet regularly to develop policies that ensure the Internet's ongoing security and stability.

The domain name system (DNS) and Internet Protocol (IP) addressing systems rely on global input and perspectives in order to ensure they continue to function in a stable and secure fashion. ICANN's fellowships program helps ensure that voices from all regions of the world have the opportunity to provide that input.

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