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Information Transparency Initiative Update: Launching New Content Subscription Feature

8 March 2021

As ICANN org's President and CEO Göran Marby mentioned in this blog, the Information Transparency Initiative (ITI) will launch a new content subscription feature on 16 March 2021. This new feature is part of ITI's commitment to improve the findability and transparency of our content, and it is a key project deliverable.

How Will It Work?

Currently, the only https://icann.org content available via an email subscription feature is Announcements. We are replacing this existing feature with a new, robust news subscription service. ICANN News Subscriptions will allow you to receive newly published https://icann.org content that you are interested in directly to your email inbox. To start, it will be available for the content types we are releasing in March, and eventually expand to include all topics and content types.

As we have heard in many feedback sessions, the ICANN community is looking forward to accessing this service, and we are excited to make it available to you. This will transform how you learn about and access new ICANN information, and you can target your alerts to your interests. This is an important part of improving search, as you will no longer need to hunt for new content on https://icann.org. By signing up for ICANN News Subscriptions, the content comes directly to you.

For the first phase of News Subscriptions, the alerts will only be available in English.

How Do You Sign Up for ICANN News Subscriptions?

Create an ICANN Account
You will need to create an ICANN Account using a unique username and password. You will be asked to add basic profile information. If you already have an ICANN Account, simply log into your account.

Select the ICANN News Subscriptions Feature
Once you are logged into your account, you will see the ICANN services available via the ICANN Account dashboard. Select the tile named ICANN News Subscriptions. You will then be redirected to the https://icann.org News Subscriptions landing page.

Select and Add Your Content Preferences
On the News Subscriptions landing page, you will be asked to select the frequency that you prefer to receive email alerts. You can receive the alerts daily, weekly, or opt to select both frequencies. If you select daily alerts, you will only receive one email daily with a summary of links to all the new content added to the site, as opposed to several emails a day when new content is published.

Once you select your frequency, select the content types you are interested in. Click Add Subscriptions. You are now signed up and can see the content types you are signed up for in the Manage Subscriptions section. If you would like to unsubscribe, you can do so in the Manage Subscriptions section.

When is this New Feature Available?

The News Subscription service will be available on ICANN Account on 16 March but you can create an ICANN Account (ICANN's single sign-on service) now and then add the News Subscription service on 16 March.

An RSS Feed option will be added, but won't be available for launch.

How Do I Remove Personal Data from ICANN's Single Sign-On Service, ICANN Account?
Please access your ICANN Account to remove your personal data. Unsubscribing from News Subscriptions does not remove your personal data from ICANN Account.

Thank You to the Community

The ITI team wants to thank the many community members who provided their feedback on this feature, and we hope it delivers the experience you want and need.

If you want to learn more about ITI, visit https://www.icann.org/iti and if you have questions or comments, please email us at: informationtransparency@icann.org


Sally Newell Cohen

Sally Newell Cohen

SVP, Global Communications