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Now Published – ICANN's Draft Planning Prioritization Framework

2 March 2022

Planning at ICANN is one of the 15 operating initiatives included in ICANN's operating plan since FY21. A key goal of this operating initiative is to improve ICANN organization's (org) ability to prioritize during the annual planning process. As part of this initiative, the ICANN org Planning team led the creation of a Draft Planning Prioritization Framework to help the ICANN ecosystem prioritize its work within the planning cycle in a manner that is transparent, inclusive, and efficient.

From April 2021 through January 2022, the org held a total of 17 webinars and consultations with the community. During these consultations, ICANN org received community input on the proposed draft framework for developing a prioritization step in the planning process. The Draft Planning Prioritization Framework Version 1 is now published on the ICANN Planning and Finance workspace here.

The Draft Planning Prioritization Framework is intended to serve as a guide for the periodization step during the annual planning process. The framework describes and outlines what to prioritize, who will prioritize, when to prioritize, how to prioritize, etc., so that the community, org, and Board can collaborate efficiently and effectively during the planning process. ICANN org will hold a webinar about the Draft Planning Prioritization Framework following ICANN73.

As part of the initiative, the org is organizing a pilot with community members. The pilot will give ICANN org and the community an opportunity to test the processes and methodologies developed in the draft framework and identify gaps for further improvement. The org is expecting to conduct the pilot during the March-April 2022 timeframe and provide an update to the Board and community once the pilot has completed. The pilot will be conducted specifically on the implementation of Specific Reviews recommendations.

ICANN org is committed to continue working on the Planning Prioritization Framework, the Prioritization Pilot, and the subsequent implementation of the framework in FY24's planning process. Community participation is a critical step in the prioritization process, and we look forward to enhancing the overall planning process.

We appreciate the opportunity to engage with community members on the development of this framework and thank all community members for their input thus far. We look forward to your participation at the upcoming webinar. Please register here to receive detailed information.


Becky Nash

Becky Nash

VP, Planning