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ICANN Board Leaves FY21–FY25 Strategic Plan Unchanged

9 November 2023

Designed to shape ICANN's priorities, the Five-Year Strategic Plan establishes a vision and a set of objectives and goals in service of ICANN's mission. Every year, new trends or shifts in existing trends have the potential to impact our plans. Acting on a recommendation from the ICANN Board's Strategic Planning Committee, the Board has resolved to keep the Strategic Plan for fiscal years (FY) 2021–2025 in force and unchanged at this time. The strategic objectives and goals from the Strategic Plan remain, while activities and projects will be updated in the Draft FY25 Operating Plans. You can read the full resolution here.

The ICANN strategic planning process relies on the identification and analysis of trends to ensure that the strategic plan is continuously up-to-date and relevant to achieving ICANN's mission. The ICANN organization actively solicits input during "strategic outlook sessions" from the community, Board, and others on key trends anticipated to impact ICANN in the coming years. This broad consultation process helps ensure that all stakeholders have an opportunity to provide their input to identify the trends that they see affecting ICANN's mission and work.

Between March and April 2023, ICANN convened 12 strategic outlook sessions with 207 participants from the community and the org. Feedback received during those sessions was collected and analyzed for strategic trends, risks, opportunities, and potential impacts on ICANN. The analysis and conclusions from those sessions have been compiled in the FY25 Strategic Outlook Trends Report, which can be found here. ICANN org is grateful for everyone's participation in this process. The results of the FY25 Strategic Outlook Program will be included as input into the development of the ICANN FY26–30 Strategic Plan.

We encourage you to join us in developing the ICANN FY26–30 Strategic Plan by registering for the Environmental Scan Session on 16 November at 16:00 UTC. This session presents a substantial opportunity for you to actively engage in the strategic planning process. Your involvement is greatly appreciated as we work together to define ICANN's future path.


Becky Nash

Becky Nash

VP, Planning