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ICANN Completes the First Step in the FY23 Strategic Planning Process

25 May 2021

I am pleased to say that ICANN has completed the first step in the FY23 strategic planning process, which was to collect input on trends that may impact ICANN's remit.

Each year, ICANN's community, org, and the Board participate in strategic outlook trend sessions to identify trends that may affect ICANN's mission and operations, as well as the associated risks and opportunities, which inform ICANN's strategic plan, operating plan, and budget.

Between March and April 2021, ICANN held six strategic outlook sessions with the ICANN community, including over 100 participants. In a virtual setting, we used virtual breakout rooms and whiteboards to engage participants in brainstorming exercises, which led to over 400 data points collected. Thanks to those who participated in these sessions. The sessions focused on identifying trends, risks, and opportunities across five focus areas: security, unique identifier systems, governance, geopolitics, and financials. The data collected during the community trend sessions can be found on ICANN's strategic planning web page.

The ICANN Board and ICANN org's Executive Team each held two trend sessions, and 180 members of staff joined six org sessions, which included a sixth focus area on operational excellence.

Next Steps

Over the next few weeks, the org will review data collected to identify any new trends or significant changes to existing trends. After the trend analysis, ICANN org's Executive Team and the Board Strategic Planning Committee will conduct an impact assessment to determine what changes (if any) are needed to ICANN's plans for fiscal years 2023 to 2027. Findings and recommendations resulting from this process will be shared with the community in a trend report. If the Board determines that updates to the Strategic Plan are needed, the community will be informed about the next steps in the updating process, which is part of the annual planning process.


Becky Nash

Becky Nash

VP, Planning