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Board Keeps ICANN Strategic Plan in Force and Unchanged

22 December 2020

Designed to shape ICANN's priorities, the Five-Year Strategic Plan establishes a vision and a set of objectives and goals in service of ICANN's mission. Every year, new trends or shifts in existing trends have the potential to impact our plans. The pandemic has significantly impacted not just the ICANN ecosystem, but much of our world. That said, our overall strategic vision remains the same. Acting on a recommendation from the Board's Strategic Planning Committee, the ICANN Board has resolved to keep the Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2021-2025 in force and unchanged at this time. You can read the full resolution here.

While the pandemic has not changed ICANN's strategic objectives over the five-year horizon, it has produced some opportunities for adjustments to the Five-Year Operating and Financial Plan, specifically in how and when objectives are addressed.

The ICANN strategic planning process relies on trends identification and analysis to ensure that the strategic plan is continuously up-to-date and relevant to carry out ICANN's mission. ICANN org actively solicits input during "strategic outlook sessions" from the community, Board, and others on key trends anticipated to impact ICANN in the coming years. This broad consultation process helps ensure that all stakeholders have an opportunity to provide their input to identify the trends that they see affecting ICANN's mission and work.

Between November 2019 and March 2020, ICANN convened 21 strategic outlook sessions with 398 participants from the community and the org. Feedback received during those sessions was collected and analyzed as strategic outlook trends, risks, opportunities, and potential impacts on ICANN were assessed. The analysis and conclusions from those sessions have been compiled in the 2020 Strategic Outlook Trends Report, which can be found here. Considering the expansion of the COVID-19 crisis into a pandemic after March 2020, ICANN specifically evaluated the potential need to affect its current strategic plan. The Board's Strategic Planning Committee considered the data and analysis from this process when producing its recommendation for the full Board.

The Board is grateful to the community for actively participating in this process. We invite you to use the opportunity to make your voice heard in the Public Comment process for the Draft FY22-26 Operating & Financial Plan and Draft FY22 Operating Plan & Budget. Your participation strengthens our planning process and enables ICANN to meet new and evolving challenges and opportunities in service of its mission.

Preparations are underway for the next round of trend sessions to begin in early 2021, and we will share an update when more details are available.


Maarten Botterman

Maarten Botterman

ICANN Board Member