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The ICANN Board of Directors consists of fifteen voting members ("Directors"). The Directors serve as individuals who have the duty to act in what they reasonably believe are the best interests of ICANN, and not as representatives of the entity that selected them, their employers, or any other organizations or constituencies. In order to ensure broad international representation on the Board, each of ICANN's five Geographic Regions shall have at least one Director, and at all times no region shall have more than five Directors on the Board (not including the President). Each of the following is considered to be a "Geographic Region": Europe; Asia/Australia/Pacific; Latin America/Caribbean islands; Africa; and North America.

Status: Implementation Phase

March 2010 - June 2010 In March, the Board of Directors resolves to receive the Board Review WG Final Report. At the Brussels meeting in June, it instructs the Structural Improvements Committee (SIC) to provide an implementation plan in coordination with staff. See Adopted Resolutions.
January 2010

In light of the contributions received, the Board Review WG releases its final report pending Board action (English [PDF, 133 KB]):

[PDF, 188 KB] العربية Español [PDF, 202 KB] Français [PDF, 221 KB] Русский [PDF, 213 KB] 中文 [PDF, 154 KB]

The report is transmitted to the Structural Improvements Committee (SIC) for their consideration.

October 2009 – November 2009 A final round of consultation is opened prior to the finalization of the report for Board action.
September 2009

In consideration of the public comments, the Board review WG releases its draft final report (English [PDF, 132 KB]):

[PDF, 216 KB] العربية Español [PDF, 152 KB] Français [PDF, 145 KB] Русский [PDF, 336 KB] 中文 [PDF, 392 KB]

The report is presented at the Seoul meeting (October 2009).

June 2009 – July 2009 The second interim report is submitted to a public comment period. As staff summary may be found at:
June 2009

Following this second round of consultation the Board review WG continues its activity and releases a second Interim Report where most issues inherent to the external reviewer's report were finalized (English [PDF, 133 KB])

[PDF, 261 KB] العربية Español [PDF, 161 KB] Français [PDF, 137 KB] Русский [PDF, 169 KB] 中文 [PDF, 138 KB]

This report is presented at the Sydney meeting; comments received during the presentation and the subsequent public comment period shall constitute valuable material for the Board review WG to conclude its analysis of the few outstanding issues.

Mars 2009 – April 2009 The Board Review WG report is submitted for public comment. As summary of the contributions may be found at:
February 2009

The Board Review WG issues an interim report (English [PDF, 124 KB]) to be presented at the Mexico meeting (March 2009). This report contains the WG's "initial thinking" on the questions under review following publication of the external consultant's report and further consultation.

[PDF, 220 KB] العربية Español [PDF, 144 KB] Français [PDF, 136 KB] Русский [PDF, 344 KB] 中文 [PDF, 380 KB]

A Board Review WG is formed to help ensure that the evaluator's report contains the data and information needed to conduct the following work, and (primarily) to advise the Structural Improvements Committee and the Board on whether any change is required for the Board.

The following individuals are designated to form the WG:

  • Amadeu Abril;
  • Roberto Gaetano (Chair);
  • Steve Goldstein;
  • Rita Rodin Johnston;
  • Thomas Narten;
  • Rajasekhar Ramaraj; and
  • Jean-Jacques Subrenat.
November 2008

The appointed external consultant - Boston Consulting Group/Colin Carter & Associates publishes its final report (English [PDF, 921 KB]).

In addition to the report, the independent consultant provides an executive summary with a view to facilitating community consultation and reference (English [PDF, 166 KB]):

[PDF, 237 KB] العربية Español [PDF, 189 KB] Français [PDF, 180 KB] Русский [PDF, 345 KB] 中文 [PDF, 405 KB]

The report is submitted to a public comment period. The staff summary of stakeholders' contributions may be found at:

April 2008 A Request for Proposals (RfP) is released.
September 2007 Terms of Reference (ToR) [PDF, 16 KB] are issued.

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