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Opening ICANN Blogs for Comment

6 de noviembre de 2015
Por Chris Gift

Además de estar disponible en los idiomas de la ICANN, este contenido también está disponible en

ICANN blogs ought to be one of the key tools to provide a wider understanding of ICANN's role and work as well as an accessible entry point for community newcomers to understand what is happening and why.

There's work to do on the presentation and organization of the blogging platform and we're thinking about what steps we can take. But the most obvious function of a blog is as a discursive platform. So we're going to let the conversation flow and open up comments on our ICANN blogs.

It's not a technical triumph, but it is a minor gamble with our resources. No organization wants to spend time monitoring the behavior of its community, but we assume that the courtesy and respect you wish for yourself will be given to others. As such, we will rely on post-moderation. Comments are posted immediately and we review them once they are live. The Expected Standards of Behavior Policy is the same for the wider organization. View our website Terms of Service. With comments now open, we hope blog posts can open up useful exchanges between community members and the blog authors.

Of course, if you have any thoughts, you can post them below.


Chris Gift

Chris Gift