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Additional Script-Based Reference Label Generation Rules and Related Updates

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What We Need Your Input On

ICANN org has already published Reference LGRs for the second level for multiple scripts and languages. Additional Reference LGRs have been developed based on the detailed analysis and solutions conducted by the script community based on the work on Root Zone Label Generation Rules (RZ-LGRs). Seven new LGRs as well as updated LGRs are being released for Public Comment. ICANN org seeks feedback from the broader community on these new and updated LGRs. In addition, the Unicode version of all Reference LGRs have been updated to version 11.0.0 to match the Maximal Starting Repertoire version 5 (MSR-5). MSR is the starting point for the work done by community-based Generation Panels that develop RZ-LGRs proposals for the relevant scripts.

The new script-based Reference LGRs include Armenian, Cyrillic, Greek, Latin, Japanese, Korean, and Myanmar. The 15 Reference LGRs with normative changes include: Belarusian Language, Bosnian (Cyrillic) Language, Bulgarian Language, English Language, French Language, German Language, Hebrew Language, Hebrew Script, Khmer Script, Macedonian Language, Montenegrin Language, Russian Language, Serbian Language, Sinhala Script, Ukrainian Language. The remaining Reference LGRs have the Unicode version updated without normative changes. These are being released for Public Comment to gather community feedback for finalization.

Proposals For Your Input
Second-Level Reference Label Generation Rules (LGRs)
Overview and Summary


To improve the transparency and consistency of the Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) table review process and facilitate the registry operations of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), ICANN has developed reference IDN tables in machine-readable format, called Reference Label Generation Rulesets for the second level. The Reference LGRs are based on the Guidelines for Developing Reference Label Generation Rules (LGRs), which were finalized after community review. These will be used in reviewing IDN tables submitted by the gTLD registries, e.g., through the IDN services.

The Reference LGRs are developed in the context of either a language or a script. The language based LGRs are also developed based on the solution available for its script. The relevant script community has been consulted while finalizing these Reference LGRs.

Next Steps

Based on community input, these Reference LGRs will be finalized and published for the use of gTLD registry operators as reference while they design their IDN tables. These LGRs will also be used in reviewing the IDN tables submitted by gTLD registries.

Supporting Information

This additional information from ICANN org provides more context for this Public Comment Proceeding and may help you review the proposals for input and publish a submission.

Supporting Information
Guidelines for Developing Reference LGRs for the Second Level
RFC7940 Representing Label Generation Rulesets Using XML (Label Generation Rules, LGR)
Root Zone Label Generation Ruleset (RZ-LGR)
Already published Reference Label Generation Rules
LGR Toolset