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Update on Meeting Tools for ICANN77

5 June 2023
By Ashwin Rangan

As we approach the ICANN77 Policy Forum, I'd like to update you about a few platforms that the ICANN organization uses to support ICANN Public Meetings. Our goal with all meetings-related platforms is to maximize participation in ICANN meetings.

How our Meetings Technical Services (MTS) team has managed Zoom participation links has evolved over time based on the circumstances of each meeting. As we've returned to the hybrid participation model, we've determined that the best way forward is to streamline the management of these links.

During ICANN77, each meeting room at the venue will have a static Zoom link associated with it for all open sessions. Sessions that are closed or held in the Zoom Webinar format will continue to have unique links. This change will simplify the use of Zoom for both in-person and remote participants, as well as support staff, Language Services, and MTS technicians, resulting in an improved meeting experience.

As noted in an earlier blog, ICANN adopted the Sched tool for the ICANN76 Community Forum as an interim solution while searching for a permanent replacement for our previous scheduling tool. We will continue to use Sched through ICANN77 as we work to find and implement a new solution.

The full ICANN77 Policy Forum schedule is available on the meeting website. We encourage you to register in advance, and we look forward to a fruitful meeting.


Ashwin Rangan

Ashwin Rangan