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Enhancing ICANN Account Security with Multi-Factor Authentication Options

8 December 2023
By Andre Abed

In an ever-expanding digital world, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) continues its effort to secure the systems and applications integral to ICANN Board, staff, and community members. As password attacks become more common, relying solely on passwords to protect user accounts is no longer the safest option. That's where multi-factor authentication (MFA) comes in. It serves as a safeguard for accessing ICANN Account and enhancing the security of our services.

So, what is MFA? It adds an additional verification layer to confirm that access is requested by the legitimate account holder. When using this option, before gaining access to your account, you'll be asked to verify your identity by using one of two authentication factors:

  • Time-Based One-Time Password: This factor utilizes a time-sensitive, one-time password for authentication. It provides a short-lived code from something you know (your password) and something you have (your authentication device, e.g., phone).
  • Voice Call: When using this authentication factor, you will receive an automated phone call to verify your identity. During the call, you will be provided a five-digit code, which you will be prompted to enter when logging into your ICANN Account.

If you opt to use MFA with your ICANN Account, it can be activated by taking the following steps:

  1. Log in to your ICANN Account.
  2. Click on your username at top right and then select "Manage Account."
  3. Click on the "Security" tile.
  4. Click on the "Manage MFA" button.
  5. Click on the "Enable" button next to the MFA method of your choice and follow the prompts.

Including MFA as part of the ICANN Account login process offers several benefits:

  • Elevated Security: ICANN Account offers a single and unified point of entry to select ICANN services for account holders. MFA adds a second and additional layer of security to the ICANN Account.

  • Countering Password Vulnerabilities: MFA mitigates the risk of password-related vulnerabilities. Even if a password were to be compromised, without the second factor of authentication the account could not be accessed. This approach adds an extra level of defense against common password-based threats like phishing, brute force attacks, and password reuse.

  • Adhering to Standards: MFA supports standards defined by industry and regulatory guidelines in safeguarding user accounts and data.

  • Confidence in Digital Operations: If you're a part of the ICANN community, you play an important role in keeping the Internet secure. With MFA, you can perform your work with ease and confidence.

To learn more, visit the ICANN Account MFA FAQ.


Andre Abed

Andre Abed

VP, Relationship & Delivery Management and Interim Head of Engineering and IT