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Upcoming ICANN Technical Events in Madrid in May 2017

24 April 2017

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Here in the Office of the CTO (OCTO), we're busy getting ready for several technically themed events coming up in Madrid, Spain, in May.

12 May Identifier Technology Health Indicators (ITHI) workshop
12 May Registry Operations Workshop (ROW)
13 May ICANN Domain Name System (DNS) Symposium
14–15 May DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center (DNS-OARC) workshop

Two ICANN-sponsored events are taking place on 12 May. The day starts with a workshop on OCTO's Identifier Technology Health Indicators (ITHI) project, which is developing metrics to measure the health of the Internet's unique identifier system. After those metrics are defined, ICANN will measure and track them to see the evolution of the "State of Identifier Technologies." This is one of several workshops we are holding to engage with the community to develop those metrics. Registration is free. If you're interested in attending, contact Alain Durand (alain.durand@icann.org).

The sixth Registry Operations Workshop (ROW) follows the ITHI workshop later that afternoon. The ROW is an informal industry get-together that provides a forum to discuss the technical aspects of registration operations in the DNS. This session will focus on the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP). Registration for this event is free as well.

The ICANN DNS Symposium will be held on 13 May. OCTO's SSR team has previously held similar events, but they were focused on the security, stability and resiliency of the Internet's system of unique identifiers that ICANN helps coordinate. This event is the first organized by ICANN with a technical focus on the DNS as the theme. When we began to put the agenda together, we quickly realized we could fill an entire day just describing all the DNS-related projects and activities happening within ICANN. So for this first ICANN DNS Symposium, we've decided to update the community on just that.

Come join us for presentations from a number of different ICANN departments. The agenda [PDF, 451 KB] includes highlights of recent areas of research by the OCTO team, a presentation by the DNS Engineering team on the architecture of the L-Root server, an overview of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring system by the Global Domains Division, and an update on what's happening at Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) – the group that provides the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions. We're especially interested in the community's feedback, so we've included time at the end of the day to listen to you. Registration is free! For more information, see the ICANN DNS Symposium webpage.

Finally, ICANN is pleased to be a significant sponsor of OARC 26. The DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center (DNS-OARC) workshop runs 14–15 May 2017. The agenda is filled with compelling content related to DNS operations, analysis and research. You can find more information on the OARC 26 webpage, including a link to register.

All events are collocated in the same venue, the NH Madrid Eurobuilding Hotel and occur just after the Global Domains Division Summit, also being held there.

We hope to see you!


Matt Larson

Matt Larson

Vice President, Research, and Managing Director - Washington D.C.