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New ICANN Learn Course About the Root Server System

2 August 2023

A new course about a vital part of Internet infrastructure, the Root Server System (RSS), is now available on ICANN Learn! ICANN Learn is a free, online learning platform that hosts training content. This course explains root servers and their role in the Domain Name System resolution process. It also explores common misconceptions about the RSS and the difference between root server instances and identifiers. Finally, the course offers a brief history of root servers and how ICANN is involved.

The ICANN community develops and refines policies that ensure the security, stability, and resilience of the global Internet. The ICANN organization is proud to facilitate this work and to enable informed participation in the multistakeholder model. A special thanks to members of Office of the Chief Technology Officer, the Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC), the Policy Development Support staff in support of the RSSAC, and the ICANN Learn team for their help. We hope learners will log in to ICANN Learn today!


Carlos Reyes

Carlos Reyes

Sr. Policy Director, Community Operations and Programs