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LAC Capacity Building: Our LAC Regional Strategic Plan Keeps Going Forward

19 November 2015

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Photo: Jhonder Depablos, Domain Name Administration Division (NIC.VE), and Sergio Ramirez, Central Service of University Informatics (SECIU, Uruguay,) at Casa de Internet [Internet House] for Latin America and the Caribbean

A new initiative is now in place as part of the Regional Strategic Plan developed by the Internet community in Latin America and the Caribbean, and we would like to share it with you! It is the Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) Internship Program*. Engineer Jhonder J. Depablos, Chief of the Domain Name Administration Division at .ve, explains this new program and shares his ccTLD's experience.

Q: What did this first internship in which .ve and .uy participated entail?

It mainly entailed the following:

  • Raising awareness of how the Registry-Registrar Model is developed and putting it into practice in the Open Registry System (OpenReg), with knowledge acquired by .uy on its current platform.
  • Sharing technical knowledge related to OpenReg, EPP and the security of both ccTLDs.
  • Securing .uy's support to develop an action plan to migrate OpenReg to more stable operating system versions.

All these activities took place in a positive way.

Q: What was the focus of this capacity-building initiative?

  • Understanding the full operation of the Registry-Registrar Protocol Model and the Extensive Provisioning Protocol (EPP).
  • Short-term implementation with a couple of registrars (clients) in the Virtual Machines Lab.
  • Acquiring the knowledge necessary to complete the migration of OpenReg services within .ve.

Q: What is the expected impact of this internship on .ve?

  • It is expected that the system will be migrated to a more updated version (Debian Squeeze - 6.0) by the first quarter of 2016, building upon knowledge gained during the internship. To this end, .ve Quality Assurance staff are working to determine that all elements are working smoothly and conclude the last step in the migration process.
  • In the mid-term, the goal is to develop a registry platform for .ve, with work already in progress.
  • Finally, the aim is to implement the Registry-Registrar Model with public institutions in Venezuela.

* About the Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) Internship Program:

The Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) Internship Program is part of one of the Capacity Building Projects in our Regional Strategic Plan. The program targets small and medium-sized ccTLDs in the Latin American and Caribbean region, with a focus on specific capacity building that will contribute to participant ccTLDs' growth and enhancement.

Project Working Group Members:

  • Carolina Aguerre – LACTLD
  • Alejandra Reynoso – .ccTLD .gt
  • Sofia Zerbino – LACTLD

The Project Working Group drafted an Internship Program document, indicating the number of internships held on a yearly basis, their duration and application criteria.

If you are interested in engaging in the Regional Strategic Plan or would like to receive further information on the Internship Program, please contact Rodrigo Saucedo, ICANN Project Manager for Latin America and The Caribbean, who is in charge of managing project implementation in the context of our regional strategy. rodrigo.saucedo@icann.org


Alex Dans

Alex Dans

Communications Director, the Americas