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Improving ICANN’s Transparency

24 June 2024

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a nonprofit public benefit corporation, is committed to serving its mission in as transparent a manner as feasible.

I am pleased to announce that to address implementation guidance received from the Enhancing ICANN Accountability Cross-Community Working Group during Work Stream 2, the ICANN organization has furthered its reporting as follows:

  • ICANN has expanded its financial reporting to include information about payments issued within each fiscal year to its larger vendors and suppliers, starting with Fiscal Year 2022.

    For the purposes of this disclosure, a vendor or supplier is considered to be a thirdparty entity that is engaged by ICANN through contract to provide specific goods or services to ICANN in fulfillment of ICANN's mission.

    This additional annual disclosure is designed to complement existing financial reporting frameworks and to further enhance clarity and accessibility of ICANN's financial information. It is conducted in compliance with all applicable laws and contractual obligations.

    I invite you to refer to this new page on our website. More information on ICANN's Financials, including performance, guidelines, policies, and procedures may be found here.

  • ICANN maintains a Redaction Register of redacted Board minutes, resolutions, and Board briefing materials. It provides the ICANN community with increased transparency on why information was redacted, whether the information is subject to review for release, and identification of when such a release will occur.

    Annually, ICANN reviews the redacted information within the Board materials listed in the Redactions Register and considers the release of the information. If ICANN determines the redacted information can be released, ICANN will publish it.

    ICANN has now completed its annual review for Fiscal Years 2017 through 2023. As part of the annual review, ICANN has unredacted appropriate Board papers/reference materials, minutes, and resolutions that it has deemed suitable for publication.

    Please visit the ICANN Redaction Register page to view a matrix listing the redactions made to Board materials during Fiscal Years 2017 through 2023. The matrix also lists the previously redacted information from Board materials that ICANN has reviewed and published, as part of this annual review process. The redacted versions of these now released materials can be found on the Redacted Board Materials Archive page.

Work Stream 2 is a multiyear implementation project, and comprises nearly 100 accountability and transparency-related recommendations that serve to ensure ICANN remains accountable to the multistakeholder community.


Xavier Calvez

Xavier Calvez

SVP, Planning & Chief Financial Officer (CFO)