Feedback Needed for PTI’s First Comprehensive Strategic Plan

22 April 2020

Marilia HiranoMarilia Hirano, Manager, IANA Continuous Improvement

As many of you are aware, ICANN org adopted its Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2021-2025 (FY21-25) and is now completing its Operating Plan for the same period as part of the ICANN Planning Process. With all of the planning work happening across the ICANN ecosystem, Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) is also doing important work on its strategic development as the ICANN affiliate that performs the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions.

For background, the PTI Bylaws require the development of a four-year strategic plan. PTI was created in 2016, during ICANN's last strategic planning cycle, and the PTI Board based its interim strategy on fulfilling the various IANA stewardship transition deliverables defined by the ICANN community. During this time, the PTI Board and IANA team had been following the work being done by ICANN on the development of its FY21-25 plans. We listened and participated with special attention to how it connects to the IANA functions. From there, we began working on our draft.

Starting early last year, the PTI Board has held multiple workshops to develop our plan. Work included refreshing our vision statement, identifying how to support ICANN's strategic objectives, and performing preliminary engagement with our community groups. We developed a draft which we had hoped to share with many of you while meeting face-to-face during ICANN67. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and change to a remote participation-only meeting, we've adapted our approach. We will host interactive webinars on this topic in the coming months, in parallel with a Public Comment period that runs from 20 April to 1 June 2020.

The PTI Board, along with the IANA team, believe we have developed a balanced plan, aimed at maintaining the IANA functions at expected levels while also tackling the new challenges that we face. We look forward to feedback from not only those who are experts in the IANA functions, but also from the wider ICANN community interested in or impacted by our work.

Please let us know how the PTI Board can work towards finalizing a strategy that best meets our community's needs by commenting here. We look forward to your participation and hearing from you.

Marilia Hirano
Marilia Hirano
Manager, IANA Continuous Improvement

Marilia Hirano

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