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Explore Our First ICANN Post-Public Meeting Technical Report

3 May 2016

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The ICANN Meetings Technical Services Team and the ICANN Meetings Team are excited to announce the release of our first post-meeting technical report [PDF, 3.17 MB] – recapping ICANN55 in Marrakech. In this report, you'll find insights into who attends ICANN meetings, session attendance, remote participation, mobile app usage and much, much more.

While we have always gathered meeting data, we haven't always published it in an accessible format. This report is a first step. We're committed to providing our ICANN Community and Staff with a comprehensive look at the data we gather and how we use the insights derived from the data to improve future meetings.

Why are we publishing this post-meeting technical report now?

Since our first public meeting in 1999, ICANN meetings have grown in attendance and complexity. To keep up with technological advances and the changing preferences of ICANN attendees, we need to innovate, adapt and evolve to support ICANN's multistakeholder model. Our primary challenge as conference organizers is to improve each conference, and maximize attendees' engagement and satisfaction.

This is where meeting data is so useful and actionable. It provides us with reliable information on what attendees want, what ICANN is doing well and where ICANN has opportunities to improve. By leveraging this data, we'll be able to be more transparent about decisions and changes we make. But, more importantly, we'll be able to respond to our community's needs with improved accuracy and speed.

In addition to the graphs and charts, we have included the raw data for each area. The format and content of this report will evolve as we continue to improve the ways in which we collect and present data. Over the past year, we have automated the collection of data through improvements in the registration system, our new mobile app and meeting management software. Our aim is to continue to refine our metrics and to provide our community with more valuable insights.

We will publish these reports after each ICANN Public Meeting. We want your feedback! If you have questions or comments, or would like to learn more about the ICANN Meetings Technical Services Team or the ICANN Meetings Team, please email: mts@icann.org


Josh Baulch

Josh Baulch

Director, Stakeholder Participation and Engagement