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FY15-16 in Review - Protecting and securing ICANN's unique identifier systems

25 октября 2016
Автор Karen Mulberry

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The SSR Annual Framework Report [PDF, 26 MB], which was recently published, describes ICANNs security related activities for FY15-16. We hope you will find it useful to understanding how ICANN supports a secure, stable and resilient unique identifier ecosystem, consistent with the Strategic Plan 2016-2020 [PDF, 1.6 MB].

Last year, the Security Team continued implementing the recommendations [PDF, 1.2 MB] outlined in the first Security, Stability & Resiliency (SSR) Review Team, as we prepare for the launch of the 2nd SSR Review Team later this year. This includes publishing a resource that identifies the web sites, organizations, and government resources that we collaborate with on a wide range of issues, such as security awareness education, training, and best practices.

Some of the other key accomplishments by our Security Team include:

  • Enhanced operational excellence through activities led by IANA, IT, DNS Ops, and the Global Domains Division (GDD)
  • Supported the development of ICANN's Identifier Technologies Health Indicators
  • Designed proof of concept data analytics for tracking domain name and registration service abuse
  • Provided Technical Engagement by serving as subject matter experts and thought leaders, and conducting training and capability building
  • Developed "force multiplier" relationships with CERT and other stakeholders to expand the pool of experienced and qualified trainers for capability building programs
  • Raised ICANN staff security awareness through training
  • Made security awareness resources available to the ICANN community
  • Collaborated with the technical community, root server operators, application and browser developers on Identifier Systems issues

These are just a few of the activities we engaged in as we work to fulfill our mission and promote user confidence and trust in the Internet's unique identifier systems. We look forward to collaborating with the 2nd SSR Review Team to identify other ways of evolving our activities, to meet the ever-changing threat landscape.


Karen Mulberry