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Accountability Indicators Feedback 1 April – 30 June 2018

30 juillet 2018
Par Leo Vegoda

Accountability Indicators advanced from beta to v1 in May 2018, further affirming our commitment to continuously improving accountability and transparency. Accountability Indicators is a dynamic and interactive web page that helps you view our progress towards our strategic objectives by exploring various dimensions of our activities.

Every quarter, an update is provided sharing your feedback on Accountability Indicators.

Feedback in FY18 Q4

Last quarter, we received feedback on several topics including requests for:

  • Longer trends in charts
  • Change in the scales used for some indicators
  • More information about the composition of Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees
  • IPv6 deployment metrics for top-level domains (TLDs)

Next Steps

We are working on presenting longer trends in a range of indicators. We will also review and adjust the scales used to reflect more clearly the differences between periods. Meanwhile, please note that hovering your cursor over a chart will show its values in a tool tip, and right-clicking will bring up a context menu that allows you download the underlying data, a picture of the chart, or share it on social media.

DNSSEC Adoption
DNSSEC Adoption

Reporting on the composition of Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees is challenging. The ICANN organization supports membership management for the Advisory Committees, but the Supporting Organizations manage memberships themselves. We will seek ways to automate this after the Group Enrollment System has been deployed.

Our recent research into IPv6 support by generic top-level domains (gTLDs) showed almost 100 percent compliance and are planning more research. Our Contractual Compliance team will investigate compliance with IPv6 support requirements if a compliance issue is reported to them.

Quarterly Updates in FY19

We are also changing the reporting schedule of Accountability Indicators. As most of the indicators present quarterly data, going forward we will be updating the Accountability Indicators in July, October, January, and April, after the close of each quarter. Where indicators don't fit this schedule, such as Board and NomCom composition, we'll update the first month after the data is available.

Your Feedback

The feedback you provide on Accountability Indicators is essential to helping us improve the services we provide, as well as the indicators we report with. Please look through the indicators and let us know what you think by clicking the feedback link at the top of each page.


Leo Vegoda