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What's New with Reviews?

28 September 2017
By Theresa SwinehartTheresa Swinehart


Reviews are one of several important ICANN accountability mechanisms. Find the latest news, updates, and opportunities to participate in the various ICANN reviews below.

Specific Reviews are led by community review teams to assess the performance of the ICANN organization in key areas pertaining to its core function and make recommendations to improve future performance.

  • RDS-WHOIS2 Review: Join the Registration Directory Service (RDS-WHOIS2) Review Team face-to-face meeting on 2-3 October 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. Visit the "Opportunities to Participate" section of the RDS-WHOIS2 wiki homepage for meeting details, how to participate, and track progress.
  • SSR2 Review: Members of the "ICANN SSR" subgroup of volunteers from the Second Security, Stability, and Resiliency Review Team (SSR2) will meet on 9-10 October in Los Angeles. Visit the "Opportunities to Participate" section of the SSR2 wiki homepage for meeting details, how to participate, and track progress.
  • CCT Review: The Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice (CCT) Review Team is refining its draft report [PDF, 6.7 MB] based on public comments. The new draft report will contain additional sections including results from a new generic top-level domain (gTLD) cost impact survey [PDF, 1.4 MB] and the Statistical Analysis of Domain Name System (DNS) Abuse in gTLDs Final Report [PDF, 2.2 MB]. Bookmark the wiki home page to make sure you don't miss an update!

Organizational Reviews are led by independent examiners to assess to what extent ICANN's Supporting Organizations (SOs) and Advisory Committees (ACs) fulfill their purpose and whether any change in structure or operations is needed to improve their effectiveness.

  • NomCom2 Review: The independent examiner, Analysis Group, is seeking broad community input to measure community perception of the Nominating Committee (NomCom). Please take this online survey to inform the NomCom Review http://nomcomsurvey.cloudssi.com/. The survey will close on 13 October 2017.


Theresa Swinehart

Theresa Swinehart

SVP, Global Domains and Strategy, Co-Deputy to the President and CEO

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