What do you think?

26 March 2007
By Paul Levins

Well, lCANN today introduced a new website with better navigation and new features.

The site has a new, more useable navigation system and an improved look and feel.

There’s a button in the top navigation that allows people to understand our processes and the timelines more clearly. I hope all that means more certainty about the processes and people can more easily understand how decisions get made and what stage of development a policy or program is at.

The improvement to the website comes in addition to a range of other things we are doing to inform, be more open and to engage in dialogue with the community. We used to do a lot of posting (and we still do) and not a lot of dialogue. I’d like to think that is changing.


If you look at the things we are doing, I do hope people see that progress is being made. There’s more comprehensive reporting of Board meeting discussions (I don’t know of a corporation that reports the level of detail that ICANN does, but I’d be interested to know if there is), a public participation site that allows for remote participation at ICANN meetings and between the meetings, a frequently updated blog (I love the blog but it sure is time consuming! :-), immediate email alerts as announcements break, a weekly newsletter and comprehensive factsheets on very complex but very interesting topics.

We’ve also introduced ‘interviews’ with Paul Twomey, ICANN’s CEO and President, the first of which appears on this blog. I want to do more of those.

Later this week we’ll make public a review done by One World Trust that looks at our levels of transparency and that makes recommendations for improvement.

But what do you think? What else can we think about?

And what do you think about the new site?

Oh by the way, I want to thank a guy called Marc Salvatierra who works for me here at ICANN for the incredible amount of work he has done to plan and implement the new website. It’s all his fault! :-)


Paul Levins