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Update on the Implementation of ICANN Specific Reviews

12 September 2022

Reviews are required by the ICANN Bylaws and are critical to maintaining a healthy multistakeholder model. The ICANN organization (org) remains committed to implementing the set of Board approved non-policy recommendations emerging from the four Specific Reviews:

  • Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice Review
  • Second iteration of the Registration Directory Service Review
  • Third Accountability and Transparency Review
  • Second Security, Stability and Resiliency of the DNS Review

ICANN org convened a dedicated cross-functional project team in June 2022 to address the outcome of the Pilot Prioritization exercise, which was concluded in May 2022. Read here for more information on the Planning Prioritization framework and the pilot conducted by the community group.

In addition to designing and delivering an implementation using the prioritization proposed by the community group as input, the project team, composed of ICANN org subject matter experts, is also working on appropriately documenting the implementation of recommendations that are considered complete. The project team is also monitoring and resolving, where possible, dependencies (for instance, items tied to ongoing community discussions or initiatives) that made Board-approved recommendations ineligible for prioritization.

Implementation design entails building a strategy for implementation. This includes articulating deliverables, evaluating risks and dependencies that may affect the timeline, determining roles and responsibilities, running an inventory of existing work that can be leveraged and costing out resources needed.

I am pleased to report that the project team has completed the implementation design and prepared a work plan that will be used for reporting on implementation.

Since the conclusion of the Pilot Prioritization exercise, good progress has been made towards the implementation of several recommendations. I look forward to sharing further highlights in the first implementation progress report that we plan to release at the end of the third calendar quarter of 2022 (Q3-2022). In the meantime, I encourage you to visit the ICANN org and workspace pages for more information on the Specific Reviews and the implementation of their recommendations.


Giovanni Seppia

Giovanni Seppia

Vice President - Implementation Operations