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The Value of Assessing Collateral Damage Before Requesting a Domain Seizure

24 January 2013
By Dave Piscitello

In our March 2012 Thought Paper on Domain Seizures and Takedowns, we offer guidance [PDF, 439 KB] to anyone who prepares an order that seeks to seize or take down domain names. By offering this guidance, we do not endorse such actions as a prescriptive measure, nor do we consider seizures or takedowns the appropriate remedy for every misuse or abuse. We only acknowledge that actions of these kinds have and will continue to be taken to combat criminal or abusive use of the DNS.

Several high-profile events during the past year demonstrate that domain seizures can cause unintended and severe consequences to legitimate web site operators, domain name registrants, and other investigators. In our thought paper, The Value of Assessing Collateral Damage Before Requesting a Domain Seizure, we offer guidance to in the form of questions investigators and preparers of orders should ask to ensure that seizures not only achieve the desired effect but do so without disrupting services or inflicting harm to legitimate web site operators or domain name registrants.



Dave Piscitello