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The Internet House Hosts the ITU

29 August 2013

The regional meeting of the Americas in preparation for the World Telecommunications Development Conference organized by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) was held last week in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay.

There is plenty to say on a positive note about the meeting, but it may be worth highlighting LACNIC’s initiative to invite the ITU authorities and delegates of several administrations participating in the meeting to attend a cocktail reception at the Internet House for Latin America and the Caribbean.

On welcoming the guests, Raúl Echeberría, LACNIC’s CEO, brought to the fore three features of the Internet House which mirror the characteristic features of the Internet ecosystem.

Firstly, the house is not gated and is easily accessible; this symbolizes its openness. Secondly, the house is fitted with glass walls and doors, which brings transparency to the fore. Thirdly, Raúl highlighted that the house was built upon two pre-existing houses and, although from an architectural standpoint it would have made more sense to tear down these two houses and build a new one from scratch, the project focused on building upon pre-existing structures. This goes to emphasize the concept of cooperation and joint efforts

There was a burst of laughter among the guests when Raúl joked about inviting the ITU to join the House.

Houlin Zhao, the ITU Secretary General, promptly thanked Raúl’s invitation and celebrated the initiative by also replying in jest, while displaying his Spanish-speaking skills: “Tu casa es mi casa” (“Your house is my house”), he said, to the delight of all present.

Once speeches had been delivered, guests were shown around the House by LACNIC staff and had the chance to see the offices of the organizations based there. Of course, they visited our Engagement Center as well as the offices of other sister organizations like ISOC, LACTLD, AHCIET and RED CLARA.

Delegates, government representatives from Latin America and the Caribbean, ITU Sector Members, ITU authorities, and colleagues from the Internet technical community shared a great evening against a joyful backdrop of cooperation, understanding and respect.

The above attitudes set the tone for this significant preparatory meeting and, hopefully, for the environment that must permeate the sectors engaged in Internet governance.

La Casa de Internet Recibe a la UIT

Left to right:

  • Mark Urban, Administration and Finance Manager (RedCLARA)
  • Sergio de Cola, National Director of Telecommunications (DINATEL, MIEM, Uruguay)
  • Rodrigo de la Parra, Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean (ICANN)
  • Houhlin Zhao, Deputy Secretary General (ITU)
  • Raúl Echeberría, CEO (LACNIC)
  • Brahima Sanou, Development Sector Director (ITU)
  • Sebastián Bellagamba, Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean  (Internet Society)
  • Bruno Ramos, Regional Director for the Americas (ITU)


Rodrigo De La Parra

Rodrigo De La Parra

VP, Stakeholder Engagement & Managing Director - Latin America & Caribbean