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Root Zone Maintainer Service Agreement Is Now Effective

20 October 2016
By Akram Atallah

Last month, I mentioned in my implementation update that as the final step to removing the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s (NTIA) role, NTIA and Verisign needed to amend the cooperative agreement between them.

As of today, the cooperative agreement between NTIA and Verisign was amended to release Verisign from its root zone maintainer obligations. Verisign will now perform the root zone maintainer services for ICANN under the Root Zone Maintainer Service Agreement (RZMA). ICANN and Verisign are in the process of switching to the root zone management systems that do not include NTIA’s authorization role. The changes to the cooperative agreement between NTIA and Verisign can be found here.

For more information, visit Verisign’s Q&A here.

Additionally, as previously approved by ICANN’s Board resolution on 15 September (following a 43-day public comment process), ICANN has signed the .COM Registry Agreement amendment. The .COM Registry Agreement amendment is now effective through 30 November 2024 to coincide with the term of the RZMA.

With the RZMA and .COM Registry Agreement now in effect, ICANN and Verisign will now execute the post-transition workflow with the NTIA role removed, which we expect to be completed early next week. 


Akram Atallah

Former President, Global Domains Division