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Data Protection/Privacy Update: Guidance on Proposed Model Submissions Now Available

8 December 2017
By Akram Atallah and


We are writing to update you on our progress since our last blog. Today we published more details on how to submit a proposed model for providing registration directory services and meeting other data retention requirements while remaining compliant with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As we move ahead, we outline below our planned next steps for receiving and assessing those models, which will enable us to be compliant with the law.

We look forward to receiving the proposed models from all community members, submitted in response to the 2 November 2017 Statement from Contractual Compliance. The statement indicated ICANN org would consider deferring action against any gTLD registry or registrar for noncompliance with contractual obligations related to the handling of registration data. The guidance we just published provides full details on what to include in the proposals, such as how the model accommodates existing contractual obligations, while reconciling them with the GDPR. As a reminder, submission of a model does not guarantee approval or temporary deferral from contractual obligations.

Göran Marby, our president and chief executive officer, has emphasized that finding a path forward to ensure compliance with the GDPR, while maintaining access to registration directory services to the greatest extent possible, is a high priority. When possible, we encourage the community to work together to align its models prior to submission. Fewer models will ease the impact on end-users and operational processes for all. Those models will be published on ICANN's website and shared with Hamilton, the European law firm engaged to assist ICANN org, for their consideration.

By the end of this calendar year, we plan to publish a second iteration of the legal analysis by Hamilton. This second iteration of the legal assessment takes into consideration additional inputs and questions from the community since the first iteration [PDF, 1.13 MB]. The community discussions, the work by Hamilton and relevant proposals will inform the publication of models for compliance with the GDPR as well as with our contracts. As noted in our prior blog, we will solicit public comment on these proposed models, which ICANN org will consider before settling on a decision.

Recently, we also received a letter [PDF, 110 KB] from the Article 29 Working Party, which is published on our correspondence page. This communication is also useful for the community to consider and will factor into our work.

As previously noted, in parallel, the Registration Directory Services Policy Development Process Working Group is working to provide recommendations on the next generation of WHOIS, which will provide the long-term solution to ensure compliance with the GDPR as well as other local data privacy laws.

We look forward to receiving input and continuing to engage with the ICANN community as we work together to address the GDPR's impact on ICANN's contracts and registration directory services. We will keep you posted via these blogs, and provide up-to-date correspondence and other documents on our Data protection/Privacy Issues page.


Akram Atallah

Former President, Global Domains Division
Theresa Swinehart

Theresa Swinehart

SVP, Global Domains & Strategy