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Root Zone KSK vs. Hurricane Sandy

29 October 2012
By Joe Abley

ICANN is responsible for the management of the root zone’s DNSSEC Key Signing Key (KSK). This responsibility includes secure storage of cryptographic key material in redundant Key Management Facilities (KMFs) located within the USA, one in Culpeper, Virginia and one in El Segundo, California.

Despite the damage and concern caused by Hurricane Sandy as it moves inland along the US east coast, ICANN can confirm that the key materials stored in Culpeper, Virginia remain secure.

The Culpeper KMF is built within Terremark’s NAP of the Capital Region facility. ICANN is receiving regular updates from Terremark and is confident that their Tropical Weather Protocol is being executed appropriately.

ICANN will maintain its communication with Terremark over the coming days and will advise the community promptly of any significant event relating to the root zone KSK.

Editor’s Note: October 30, 2012 -
Terremark has confirmed that the NAP of the Capital Region has declared all clear, and that normal operations have resumed. There was no lapse in security for the root zone KSK stored in the Culpeper Key Management Facility, and the root zone key ceremony scheduled to take place there in November is expected to proceed as planned.


Joe Abley