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Remote Participation During ICANN67

6 March 2020
By Ashwin Rangan

Due to concerns over the COVID-19 coronavirus, ICANN’s 67th Public Meeting will now be a fully virtual experience. While we will still be providing remote participation for all sessions on the schedule, it will be modified for the current circumstances, including available time and resources.

Remote participation for ICANN Meetings takes a great deal of time and effort to plan. The Meetings, Language Services, and Meetings Technical Services teams each play an important role in providing these services, and are committed to making remote participation for ICANN67 a success. Members of each of these teams will operate out of ICANN’s Los Angeles office for the duration of ICANN67 to provide Zoom support, language interpretation, and Real Time Transcription.

To participate remotely for any ICANN67 session, please visit the schedule page and navigate to your chosen session. In the session description, you’ll find a number of remote participation links for the session’s available options. The following is a rundown of the different options you’ll see for participating remotely.


All sessions during ICANN67 will utilize Zoom as the main platform for remote collaboration. The majority of sessions will utilize a standard Zoom Meeting, which allow up to 300 participants to participate. Features include the ability to unmute your microphone as needed, type in chat, and view documents and shared video.

A handful of sessions during ICANN67, including the Public Forums, will operate as Zoom Webinars. These webinars are capable of accommodating more participants than a standard Zoom Meeting.

To join a session’s Zoom room, simply visit the schedule and navigate to the session of your choice. In the description, you will find the Zoom link.

For more information about Zoom, please visit the Help Center. Zoom also offers free Live Training for anyone interested in learning more. We have also published a quick guide on how to use Zoom, which is available here.

Live Language Interpretation

Live language interpretation will be provided in both French and Spanish in select sessions. A link for each available language can be found under a session’s description on the schedule. The English audio stream will be available for all sessions.

All Zoom sessions will be held in English. If you would like to ask a question in French or Spanish, you may type it in the chat or Q&A window. Your question will be translated into English and read aloud into the room. You can listen to the French and Spanish interpretation via the Language Streams.

Real Time Transcription

Real Time Transcription (RTT), or closed-captioning, will be provided for several sessions. You can view the RTT within Zoom by clicking the “Closed Caption” icon on the toolbar, or by opening the Scribed Closed Captioning link listed in the session’s description on the schedule.

We want ICANN67, our first ever Virtual Community Forum, to be as productive as possible, and are confident that these options for remote participation will give you the tools you need to get things done and collaborate effectively. If you have any questions or concerns about participating remotely, please don’t hesitate to reach out at mts@icann.org.


Ashwin Rangan

Ashwin Rangan