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Recognizing Our Community

8 November 2019

Community-driven work is at the core of ICANN's mission. Our community spends countless hours in working groups within ICANN's Supporting Organizations, Advisory Committees, and other groups, including the Customer Standing Committee, the Empowered Community Administration, and the Nominating Committee. Collectively, these community groups develop, advise on, and refine policies and processes that ensure the security, stability, and resiliency of the global Internet. The ICANN organization is grateful for the tireless contributions and spirit of collaboration demonstrated by all these groups and we are proud to help facilitate this work.

Community recognition is a year-long effort at ICANN. Based on your feedback, we will shortly be announcing the opening of the nomination period for the 2020 Multistakeholder Ethos Award. Thank you for all the valuable feedback about how we can further enhance the ICANN community recognition program.

We have just had another successful ICANN Public Meeting where we acknowledged the vibrant role and critical impact of our community. On Wednesday, 6 November, we celebrated the contributions of 58 community leaders who concluded a term of service between ICANN63 and ICANN66 with a reception. Yesterday, the ICANN Board of Directors passed a formal resolution to recognize these community leaders:

Fiona Asonga Address Supporting Organization Address Council
Hartmut Glaser Address Supporting Organization Address Council
Henri Kasyfi Soemartono Address Supporting Organization Address Council
Mohamed El Bashir African Regional At-Large Organization
Fatimata Seye Sylla African Regional At-Large Organization
Sébastien Bachollet At-Large Advisory Committee
Hadia El Miniawi At-Large Advisory Committee
Ricardo Holmquist At-Large Advisory Committee
Kaili Kan At-Large Advisory Committee
John Laprise At-Large Advisory Committee
Bartlett Morgan At-Large Advisory Committee
Seun Ojedeji At-Large Advisory Committee
Debbie Monahan Country Code Names Supporting Organization
Abibu Ntahigiye Country Code Names Supporting Organization
Peter Vergote Country Code Names Supporting Organization
Jian Zhang Country Code Names Supporting Organization
Jeff Bedser Customer Standing Committee
Byron Holland Customer Standing Committee
Elaine Pruis Customer Standing Committee
Alan Barrett Empowered Community Administration
Axel Pawlik Empowered Community Administration
Heather Forrest Empowered Community Administration
Alan Greenberg Empowered Community Administration
Olawale Bakare European Regional At-Large Organization
Olivier Crépin-Leblond European Regional At-Large Organization
Ayden Férdeline Generic Names Supporting Organization
Carlos Raúl Guitérrez Generic Names Supporting Organization
Tony Harris Generic Names Supporting Organization
Rubens Kuhl Generic Names Supporting Organization
Paul McGrady Generic Names Supporting Organization
Syed Ismail Shah Generic Names Supporting Organization
Arsene Tungali Generic Names Supporting Organization
Ghislain de Salins Governmental Advisory Committee
Guo Feng Governmental Advisory Committee
Thiago Jardim Governmental Advisory Committee
Tony Holmes Internet Service Providers and Connectivity Providers Constituency
Kiran Malancharuvil Intellectual Property Constituency
John McElwaine Intellectual Property Constituency
Brian Winterfeldt Intellectual Property Constituency
Alejandro Acosta Nominating Committee
Nadira Alaraj Nominating Committee
Alain Bidron Nominating Committee
Jonathan Cohen Nominating Committee
Anriette Esterhuysen Nominating Committee
Robert Guerra Nominating Committee
Aziz Hilali Nominating Committee
Brajesh Jain Nominating Committee
Zahid Jamil Nominating Committee
Cheryl Miller Nominating Committee
Jon Nevett Nominating Committee
Pablo Rodriguez Nominating Committee
Leah Symekher Nominating Committee
Glenn McKnight North American Regional At-Large Organization
Brad Verd Root Server System Advisory Committee
Carlos Martinez-Cagnazzo Security and Stability Advisory Committee
Don Blumenthal Security and Stability Advisory Committee
Jay Daley Security and Stability Advisory Committee
Xiaodong Lee Security and Stability Advisory Committee

We thank all our community leaders past and present for their dedication to ICANN's mission and for their invaluable contributions.


David Olive

David Olive

SVP, Policy Development Support & Managing Director - Washington, D.C.