Ombudsman Posts Investigation Report

8 September 2009
By Office of the Ombudsman

The Office of the Ombudsman has posted an investigation report at: http://www.icann.org/ombudsman/documents/report-call-for-volunteers-irt-sep09.pdf

The Ombudsman has found that there was a systemic unfairness regarding the communication of a volunteer opportunity within a supporting organization. In this case there had been a call for volunteers to self identify as potential members of the Implementation Recommendation Team (IRT). The Ombudsman found that a particular constituency had not informed its members of the opportunity to participate until after the closing date for nominations, and that this was an unfair administrative process. In the Ombudsman's opinion, the person raising the complaint likely would not have been a successful candidate due to the similarity of the complainant to other applications from the same nation, profession, and relative business interests. The Ombudsman makes no finding with respect to the work of the IRT.


Office of the Ombudsman