Ombudsman on the road….

21 March 2007
By Frank Fowlie

This has been a busy couple of weeks for the Ombudsman. I spent a couple of days with Ombudsman colleagues discussing systemic issues and systems processes within organizations, and the role of the Ombudsman in working with systemic issues management. It was time well spent.

I then spent 10 days at ICANN's Offices in Marina Del Rey, catching up with colleagues, and working on issues. While the internet and phone are a fantastic resource, it is always good to actually be in the same room with the person you are having an ongoing conversation with.

Tomorrow I fly out to Lisbon for the ICANN meeting. Hopefully, Air Canada will be kind to me this time and my bags will also arrive on the same flight (and day). Becoming an expereinced traveler, I now fly with an extra days worth of clothes (rumpled, of course) in my carry on bag. It was a lesson learned from experience. Despite actually having received my bag three days after I started my last trip, the AC website still shows it as being in the delivery process.

Obrigado, Bom Dia,


Frank Fowlie