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New level of interaction at SSAC meeting tomorrow

2 November 2008
By Kieren McCarthy

Update: The meeting has finished and you can see an archive of the whole thing at this link: http://icann.na3.acrobat.com/p88047362/.

We’re always trying to improve the quality of remote participation at ICANN meetings and tomorrow in Cairo will see a first trial of the most interactive session we have ever run.

The SSAC meeting at 11.15am local time, Monday 3 November, will be run over Adobe’s Connect software and by clicking on a simple link, in one window in your browser you should be able to:

* Watch live video of the meeting
* Hear the meeting
* Read real-time text scribing
* View the presenter’s slides as he/she goes through them
* Ask questions online, and
* Send chat messages to others online

This is an experiment so we would encourage all of you to try it out and report back with what happened at your end. If it proves successful and people like it, we will roll it out further at the next meeting in Mexico City.

So, here’s the link [link now dead]: http://icann.na3.acrobat.com/r40667447/

And here is the archive of the session: http://icann.na3.acrobat.com/p88047362/.

Hopefully see you all tomorrow at 11.15am Cairo time.


Kieren McCarthy