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myICANN Calendar 2.0

17 February 2014
By Janice Douma Lange

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A screenshot of the myICANN calendar

Did you know myICANN has almost 1000 users, many of whom utilize the myICANN calendar? This calendar lists 100 events during just the months of January thru February 2014. These events range from conferences with ICANN speakers, council meetings, teleconferences, webinars, etc. And over the past months I have been working closely with ICANN’s Web team to expand the capabilities and functions of the myICANN calendar, something you, our community, requested.

We’ve just unleashed these exciting new upgrades making the myICANN calendar tool even more customizable to your needs:

Community Global Events

In addition to the improved functionality for existing calendars, you will find the new Community Global Events calendar under myICANN Calendars. This particular Calendar can be administered by select community members as well as staff. What types of events will you find under this option? The goal is that the community will input regional and global Internet events, outside of the ICANN driven events, that are important to community members. These events do need to be Internet Governance related, such as an IGF, IETF, or other associations whose work aligns with the different sectors of ICANN (non-commercial, business, technical, government etc). The event type choices are listed within the online calendar template for the selected administrators.

Stakeholder Engagement Events

The Stakeholder Engagement calendar is now the ICANN Speaking Events calendar. We decided to alter the title in order to differentiate the ICANN events from the Community events. In the remaining weeks of February we have these following events to look forward to:

19th Beyond the Dot ICANN Staff Member: Akram Atallah
20th Domain Pulse Conference ICANN Staff Member: Sally Costerton
25th Mobile World Congress ICANN Staff Member: Fadi Chehadé

Additional Upgrades

A screenshot of the search feature on the myICANN calendar

Efforts have been made to make the Search feature on myICANN Calendar work harder and more efficiently. You now have the option to search events by keyword, date range, region, event type and calendar type. The search features will prove invaluable as the calendars continue to fill up with events and you want to search for a type of event, or a specific speaker, events within a certain region or period of time.

Another useful addition is the ability to view multiple calendar events at once. Just select the calendars you want to view, click ‘go’ and all the events can be viewed at once. Every event is color coordinated to match its calendar type, making it easy to differentiate the Community Global Events from the ICANN Speaking Events from the Board Events and so forth. I believe you will find it as handy as I have.

If you were already familiar with myICANN mobile you are definitely going to want to check it out now that we’ve made a number of upgrades. The myICANN calendar has been updated to a responsive, more mobile-friendly display. This version of the calendar shown on smaller screens and devices now provides access to the new search features and to more events at one time. The mobile version has also been updated with the same new features mentioned as the web browser version of the myICANN calendar.

We hope you’re happy with the updates we’ve made to the myICANN calendar. It is one of the features on myICANN that can be extremely useful and can be catered to your needs, especially with the added search functionality. Please continue to share your thoughts, comments and ideas about the site with us so we can continue to improve this tool. And be sure to spread the word about these great new features with your fellow community members and friends.


Janice Douma Lange