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Meet The NextGen@ICANN 53 Buenos Aires Members

5 May 2015
By Jeffrey Dunn

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ICANN's Development and Public Responsibility Department (DPRD) is pleased to announce the newest group of admitted members to the popular NextGen@ICANN program. Started less than a year ago, this program has grown and become one of the most exciting opportunities for members of the next generation of Internet users to get involved with ICANN and the global Internet community.

The NextGen@ICANN program saw more than 200 applications in a period of less than 10 days. Of those 200, the NextGen Selection Committee chose 17 applicants to invite to the program.

Meet The NextGen@ICANN 53 Buenos Aires Members

Please join us in congratulating the following applicants from the Latin America region who have been accepted into the NextGen@ICANN program. These names are in alphabetical order.

  • Jazmín Rocio Acuña – Paraguay
  • Agustina Callegari – Argentina
  • Mark William Datysgeld – Brazil
  • Matheus da Costa de Souza – Brazil
  • Bruno Marcel Duarte Coscia – Paraguay
  • Alexandre Arns Gonzales – Brazil
  • Matías Jackson – Uruguay
  • Lucas Jolias – Argentina
  • Margareth Hyun Suk Kang – Brazil
  • Vinicius Linden – Brazil
  • Marilia de Aguiar Monteiro – Brazil
  • Lucas de Moura – Brazil
  • Sarah Rocha Rodriguez – Brazil
  • Salomé Russo – Argentina
  • Encel Eduardo Sanchez – Venezuala
  • Raphael de Souza Silveiras – Brazil
  • Mariana Giorgetti Valente – Brazil

About The NextGen Selection Committee

In an effort to ensure a high level of accountability, transparency, and fairness the committee is comprised of men, women, community members, business leaders, staff, and former NextGen members. The DPRD would like to personally thank each of them for volunteering their time to help identify the next group of NextGen@ICANN members.

  • Daniel Fink [Stakeholder Engagement, Manager – Brazil]
  • Anthony Harris [Executive Director of CABASE]
  • Philadel Yeo [Regional Facilitator, ICANN APAC]
  • Anri van der Spuy [Former NextGen participant and ICANN Fellow]
  • Oscar Robles–Garay [CEO of LACNIC]

About The NextGen@ICANN Program

As part of the Development and Public Responsibility Department's (DPRD) ongoing work to support the next generation of Internet users, the NextGen@ICANN program has been formalized as a staple DPRD initiative to engage regionally based undergraduate and graduate students at ICANN meetings, and introduce them to ICANN through guided programming. The NextGen@ICANN program was initially organized at ICANN 49 in Singapore with DotAsia and NetMission, and has been successfully replicated at both ICANN 50 in London and ICANN 51 in Los Angeles by our Department.

The application for the NextGen@ICANN program at ICANN 54 in Dublin, Ireland is currently available at http://bit.ly/nextgenicann. More information about the program and application, as well as requirements is available on that application link.


Jeffrey Dunn