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Looking Ahead to ICANN76

6 March 2023

We will soon convene in Cancún, Mexico, for the ICANN76 Community Forum. ICANN looks forward to returning to Mexico for the first time since 2009. We are grateful for the commitment of our Latin American stakeholders and for the support of our local host committee.

The ICANN76 schedule features sessions led by the ICANN Board, organization (org), and community. The ICANN Board will hold bilateral sessions with several ICANN community groups, and for the first time, summaries of those joint sessions will be published in the ICANN76 Policy Outcomes Report. ICANN org will provide updates on the latest geopolitical, legislative, and regulatory developments, and on the next steps in the implementation of the New Generic Top-Level Domains Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process Final Report recommendations and issues identified in the related Operational Design Assessment.

Throughout the week, the ICANN community will advance policy and advice in priority areas, such as Internationalized Domain Names and build capacity in such areas as Universal Acceptance and Domain Name System Security Extensions. A planning team composed of ICANN community members has developed a plenary session, "Looking Toward WSIS+20: How Can We Improve Multistakeholder Participation in Internet Governance?" that will explore how to encourage multistakeholder participation in the World Summit on the Information Society review process.

To help you prepare, I recommend reading the ICANN76 Policy Outlook Report and reviewing the ICANN76 Prep Week materials. Whether you are an ICANN Public Meetings regular, an occasional participant, or a newcomer, I encourage you to contribute to ICANN76 and the ICANN multistakeholder model.


David Olive

David Olive

SVP, Policy Development Support & Managing Director - Washington, D.C.