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A Preview of the ICANN79 Community Forum

26 February 2024
By David Olive

The ICANN79 Community Forum begins in a few days in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This will be the third in-person ICANN Public Meeting in la Isla del Encanto–the Island of Enchantment.

Over six days, the ICANN community will advance its policy development and advice work in priority areas. Focus areas for the Generic Names Supporting Organization include access to generic top-level domain (gTLD) registration data, pending recommendations related to the next round of new gTLDs, and Internationalized Domain Names. There will also be a plenary session about Public Interest Commitments/Registry Voluntary Commitments and discussions about the Internet governance landscape.

The ICANN community will lead several trainings. The Root Server System Advisory Committee will present a tutorial about the Root Server System; the Address Supporting Organization will provide an information session about Internet number resources; the Security and Stability Advisory Committee will offer a workshop about Domain Name System Security Extensions; and the Country Code Names Supporting Organization will host Tech Day.

Building on its first-ever Prep Week session, the ICANN Board will continue its targeted engagement with the ICANN community during ICANN79. The ICANN Board will also meet with ICANN community groups to discuss topics of mutual interest. Additionally, the ICANN Board will host the Public Forum and conduct a regular meeting.

ICANN79 will also serve as an opportunity to celebrate. During the Welcome Ceremony, we will learn the name of this year's recipient of the ICANN Community Excellence Award. The Governmental Advisory Committee will mark its 25th anniversary, and the North American Regional At-Large Organization will host a networking reception.

Please remember to register. I also encourage you to read the ICANN79 Policy Outlook Report and review materials from ICANN79 Prep Week to prepare for the Community Forum. On behalf of the ICANN organization, I look forward to seeing you soon.


David Olive

David Olive