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Join the Competition, Consumer Trust & Consumer Choice Review Team Discussions

6 June 2016
By Margie Milam

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"Are you interested in issues involved with the introduction of new gTLDs? Join the CCT Review Team Meeting for up-to-date information.”

ICANN’s Competition, Consumer Trust & Consumer Choice Review Team (CCT-RT) is working its way through a busy agenda today and tomorrow during a two-day meeting (6-7 June 2016) in Washington, DC.

The CCT-RT  is responsible for examining how the introduction and expansion of gTLDs has promoted competition, consumer trust, and consumer choice. As part of its mandate, the Review Team is assessing the effectiveness of the application and evaluation processes, as well as the safeguards put in place by ICANN to mitigate issues involved in the introduction or expansion of new gTLDs.

During today’s session, the group was joined by NTIA Administrator, Larry Strickling, who discussed the CCT mandate and provided advice on ICANN review processes. In addition, Nielsen walked the review team through its global consumer research survey results.

For the second half of the session, the team broke into small subteam discussions to make progress on Competition & Consumer Choice and Safeguards & Trust. The Review Team was also honored by a visit from ICANN’s Board Chair, Steve Crocker.

Tomorrow, the Review Team will discuss application & evaluation process. In addition, it will continue break-out sessions for the two sub-groups, and discuss next steps for the CCT-RT. We encourage observers to follow break-out sessions -- please visit the agenda for more details.

The session will take place from 08:30-18:30 EST, and we encourage those who are interested to join us in the designated Adobe Room. For those unable to attend, audio transcripts of the full two-day session will be made available on the designated CCT-RT wiki page.

The CCT Review Team will be will post draft recommendations for public comment by the end of this year. You have the option of sharing your input at any time with the Review Team by posting to its publicly archived mailing-list: input-to-cctrt@icann.org

For more information, including:

  • Meeting Agenda
  • The Nielsen Consumer Survey Draft Report
  • Up-to-date Research, Findings, and Meeting Archives

Please see the full two-day meeting page here

Or for more information on the CCT-RT’s activities and documents visit their public wiki space


Margie Milam